Simple Decorating Ideas for Frugal Moms

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On average, frugal moms spend ten hours every day in their homes. That’s why creating a warm, attractive, comfortable environment is so important. But how can you make your house into a home without racking up huge amounts of debt? Here are some ideas…

Paint. Decorating your walls with wallpaper can be expensive, especially if your room is large. Instead, buy a gallon or two of paint and change the entire ambiance of a room. Many hardware stores offer discounts on five gallon buckets so if you plan to paint several rooms, you might consider going with one base color throughout and changing the rooms by added a wallpaper border (available at the dollar store), or adding a second color on one wall or the bottom of the walls for accent. You can also paint tables, stools, cabinets, dressers, etc. rather than replacing them. It’s amazing how much difference a little paint can make.

Check local thrift stores for items you can use. Just because something is secondhand doesn’t mean it’s second class. You may be pleasantly surprised at some of the gems you find browsing Goodwill and similar stores. Don’t ignore an item just because it doesn’t match your color scheme. It’s simple and cheap to paint or refinish many pieces to your liking.

Thrift Stores are also great places to pick up rugs, bedspreads, draperies and other fabric that you need. And the nice thing is that even though thrift stores specialize in secondhand merchandise, a lot of times, you can find new or barely used items at thrift store prices!

It’s also worth checking flea markets and garage sales for furniture and anything else you need for your home. Even if what you find looks less than its best, you know you can easily brighten it up for a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Lamp shades make a huge difference in a room. Typically, plain white or off-white lamp shades are better value for money than bright, colorful or artistic shades. But white and cream shades can look incredibly dull if they don’t match your decor. If you’re crafty or artistic, though, you can decorate plain lamp shades yourself and come up with something totally your own. You can use almost anything to decorate lamp shades including paints, sequins, scrap fabrics, ribbons, yarn, appliques, and more. Just let your creativity flow and see what you can do!

Wicker baskets are wonderful for holding small items that clutter your home like toys, sewing and craft items, hubby’s odds and ends, and practically anything else that just needs a home of its own. Baskets also add a nice touch of warmth and decoration to plain shelves and floor space.

It’s so easy to get bored with your sofa, especially when it starts to look a little shabby as it ages. But sofas are far from cheap, so you may not be able to even consider buying a new one. You can, however, revamp yours with some throw pillows or a coverlet from the thrift store or Wal*Mart. A smart idea is to raid the fabric department for remnants and bolt ends of fabric that are too small to sell at full price. These are often sold cheap just to get rid of them. don’t worry if they’re too small for what you need. You can mix and match fabrics and stitch them together to make a nice patchwork effect.

There are many ways to change your decor enough to give your home a fresh new warmth without spending a fortune. Try these or let them jumpstart your creativity for other ideas.


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  1. mybedlinen says:
    June 15th, 2011 8:49 am

    So many people seem struggle with wall decor. Mirrors are a great way to create a great look on any wall, and they can be very inexpensive. If you have a larger area, you can also put pretty candle sconces on either side to help fill the space, and those can also be found at very affordable prices.

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