5 Creative Low Cost Food Related Gift Ideas for Children’s Parties

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It never fails: you’re sifting through your mail, and it’s bill after bill after bill. Then, sandwiched between the water and electric bills, you find a kid’s birthday party invitation.

In the midst of your busy schedule having one more party to tend to may not make you very excited, but the fact your child will be makes it worthwhile.

There are two choices when it comes to gifts – get a typical toy or gadget or use the occasion to introduce your child to the world of creative and thoughtful gift giving. Below are five birthday gifts that will stand out among the crowd, be remembered and will not break the bank.


1. Make Their Favorite Desserts / Treats Yourself

Since the honoree is a child, your mission is simple: find out what their favorite dessert or sweet is, and make it from scratch to take to the party. You can ask the child’s parents, his friends and teachers, or even the child themselves: just find out what they absolutely MUST have, and cook or bake it yourself.

The secret to your success here is not so much what you create as it is the vehicle you use to deliver your goods. Kids love opening gifts, and if you dress your efforts in a decorative container with a fun display, whatever’s inside the gift will be secondary to the fun the child will have opening it.

2. Host a Drink Party

Who doesn’t like drinking their favorite drinks with friends while chatting away about recent events? If the child is a girl, why not host a tea party? If you do not have the room in your house or apartment for mini-tables, chairs, and plates, talk to children’s boutique clothing stores – many of them have small rooms specifically for tea parties, where the Guest of Honor and her friends can wear all sorts of different dresses and play.

If the party is for a boy, the task is much easier: Soda Float Party. You can have it just about anywhere (anywhere you’re willing to clean, anyway), and all you would need are a few bottles of soda, cups, straws, and a gallon of vanilla ice cream.

For entertainment, look into games such as the Wii that keeps kids active and engaged.

3. Make a Theme Food Basket

This one never fails: find out what the child’s favorite hobby is, and design a gift basket around that. Make certain to wrap each item individually as many times kids equate value with the quantity of gifts received.

One idea for just about any child is a movie theme. If they love movies, you can stuff a cute basket with some popcorn, candy, and sodas for a Movie Night. Or, if they love a particular food – like pizza – you can fill the basket with prepared pizza dough, sauce, shredded cheese and pepperoni for a Pizza Night.

Plus, if you want to make it a REALLY special gift, throw in a Free Babysitting Coupon, telling the parents you’ll host the theme night while they have some time to themselves.

4. Create Their Own Ice Cream Empire

Making homemade ice cream is a great way to get kids excited at any party! Bring all the ingredients for making the host’s favorite ice cream to the party, along with some containers and personalized decorative labels with their name on it (or, even better, their picture).

Customize the toppings by choosing food toppings the kids would love such as crushed Oreos, M&M’s, chocolate chips, or dried fruit. Surround the whole process with a fun story for all the kids, letting them add the ingredients to the ice cream or gelato machine, and then turning it on. While they go play and the ice cream sets (about an hour), put the labels on the containers and fill them with the concoction. Hand them out to the kids after lunch, and watch them indulge with pride.

Keep in mind that some gelato or ice cream maker machines can have the ice cream ready within an hour while others take much longer – such as 24 hours. Make sure to check the time required before choosing this option!

kids picnic party

5. Eat Outside

Picnicking is a wonderfully considerate gift to give anyone close to you. It requires creativity, planning, and execution (the three key ingredients to making any gift great), and makes for a completely singular experience. Just be sure to pack things that do well chilled, like fried chicken, deli meats and cheeses, and juice boxes.

With just a little imagination, your budget friendly food themed gift ideas can easily be the hit of the party, for both the child and their parents. Your gifts will be unique, thoughtful and appreciated. In addition, you and your child will receive the gift of spending time and having fun together – that’s one gift you simply can never buy!

Liz owns and operates her own cooking website at SimpleItalianCooking.com devoted to simple Italian food and dessert recipes. Having grown up in an Italian home, it wasn’t until she married that she had to really start learning how to cook. Today she shares her own experiences in the kitchen from product reviews to simply every day cooking tips – Italian style – to anyone who wants to listen!


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