Cheap Date Night Movies for Married Couples

Written by Nicole Dean

If romance is not a very serious matter in your house, join the club.  From what I’m hearing, most women find their men to be more inclined to get snuggly when they are laughing and happy.  And it usually follows that when your man is happy, you’ll be happy, too.

I know my husband does not want to sit around, sniffling like a baby, while we’re watching some tear-jerker.  The idea of spending a romantic evening together doesn’t start with watching a movie that will tear our hearts out.  If I came home with some miserable, sad movie, that happened to have a love story in it somewhere, the romantic evening planned for the two of us would come to a crushing halt.  Ladies, I’ve listed four movies here that are definitely in the Don’t-Even-Think-About-Making-Him-Watch-That category.

1) The Notebook – Love found, love lost, love found again.  Sounds nice, right?  Guess what… they die.  Worse yet, he loves her like no other and she has no clue who he is anymore.  She has alzheimers which comes and goes, and it’s horrendously sad.  You’ll love it, he’ll curl up in a ball.  So, there goes your happy night!

2) Closer – Exotic dancer falls for man who sees her hit by a car, and he rather likes her a great deal, but not quite as much as she likes him.  Oh boy.  Man meets another beautiful woman, out goes a very sad stripper, and woman number two gets married to someone else.  That doesn’t stop the man and woman from “celebrating their love” now and again, so it just gets depressing for the average couple who just wants to have a nice date night, you know?

3) A Walk To Remember – The trailers make it look sort of cute, a romp through true love.  But, what with the tragic event and everything, it’s not a movie that you’re man is going to want to watch over and over… or even once.  No laughs here.

4) The Bridges Of Madison County – Oh no!  You did not just do that!  This is a no-brainer, ladies.  Watch it by yourself or with some lady friends and several buckets of wine, then start yelling at the television screen “No-o-o-o!  Please!  You idiot!  That’s Clint Eastwood, for God’s sake!  Look at him!  He’s so cool!”  Just keep this movie away from your men if you ever want to be “happy” again, you know what I mean.

It’s not bad to have our men get a bit weepy at sentimental parts in the movies, but an overwhelming feeling of defeat or sorrow won’t do much for your date night cuddle time.  You need movies that have a generous dose of laughs, mixed with a little tender talk, to hit the right balance for a man.  I’ve put together a list of four Have-A-Few-Laughs movies that I think you’ll both enjoy.

1) Dan In Real Life – If Steve Carell doesn’t make you and your man laugh a little, then you may need to move into another movie genre for romance.  This guy is so recognizable as the every-man’s-man that whatever happens to him feels like it could happen to you and your man.  Dan is a widower, which is not explored in detail, who happens to meet a lovely lady while he is on his way to a family gathering.  Complications set in, like the lovely lady happens to be his brother’s girlfriend.  Ooops!  Very funny, very touching, with lots of good, rich moments.  The family is great, the girlfriend, played by gorgeous Juliette Binoche, is incredibly likable and cool.  Good story, good ending… you and your sweetie are all set for smoochin’!

2) The Holiday – The premise is that two lovely women, Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, do a Holiday house switch to get the heck away from love-gone-wrong.  Learning to live in totally different worlds, they start to fall into all sorts of situations, which of course involve romance.  Jude Law and Jack Black are great love-interests, that provide lots of smiles and enough sexy co-mingling to keep your man’s interest.  You are even treated to a Hollywood star played by Eli Wallach, who has been forgotten, but gets reacquainted with the world with the help of Kate Winslet.  This storyline is very touching, but also funny.  The characters will make you laugh and will tug at your heartstrings a bit.  Your man should be feeling all warm and cozy after this movie!

3) Hitch – Matchmaker Will Smith is good at what he does.  He gets men past the first date by teaching them all the right moves and lines.  His advice isn’t working so well on himself, however, when he falls for Eva Mendes, a woman who’s on to him and his moves.  The dating stories and Smith’s struggle with his own dating techniques have lots of funny storylines and even some sweet tales.  Just to watch Smith so smooth and confident as a “date coordinator” totally fall on his face in his own dating world makes for lots of laughs.  Your man will enjoy the characters and the clever little plot, and then he’ll get interested in the romance going on.

4) Click – Adam Sandler and Kate Beckinsale live the kind of family life that many of us do… bizarre and crazy most of the time.  So, what happens when Christopher Walken hands Adam Sandler a remote control that controls life?  Wouldn’t you like to mute the kids, the dogs, and the boss once in a while?  How about rewind and change whatever it was that you said that started that fight with your spouse?  Or fast-forward to get through that family dinner that’s driving you crazy?  Wouldn’t life be good?  The comedy is hilarious, and the situations that this family goes through are so recognizable you can’t help but grin.  Good silly stuff, and lots of nice family stuff, too.  You and your man will both enjoy this movie for the same reason… you’ll be glad it’s not you!

It’s good to laugh, especially when you’re spending time alone with your man.  Pick a night to share a funny, and touching, movie, curl up in front of the television, laugh a little and cuddle a lot!

You are invited to visit, a website dedicated to helping married couples stay friends and to help them remember why they married each other in the first place. Our disclaimer is: If he’s a jerk, this won’t work. But, if he’s sweet, rub his feet.


One Response to “Cheap Date Night Movies for Married Couples”

  1. Mary Lutz says:
    October 26th, 2009 5:46 pm

    Another recommendation for a great date night is “The Proposal” newly released on DVD with sexy Sandra Bullock and the ever so hot Ryan Reynolds! My favorite all time chick flick, and the guys even like it.

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