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Direct Sales is one of the most popular work-at-home businesses these days. And more and more direct sales consultants are seeing a comeback in home parties. This is great for increased sales… and besides, home parties are a lot of fun!

People enjoy inviting friends and family into their homes and allowing you–their direct sales consultant–to offer them products at reasonable prices, while you earn a good profit, they earn free prizes and merchandise, and everyone has lots of fun doing it! But if you’ve started holding home parties and find that you just aren’t making the income you’d like to, you can change that with a home party of your own!

After you set a date for your own direct sales home party, the most important thing to help you make money is to get the word out. You can’t expect to invite a few of your closest friends over and be left with a lump of cash at the end of the party. Just as you can’t expect to hold one party and get rich. Successful direct sales party plan consultants hold several parties every month for themselves and other hostesses.

This is why advertising is so important. The more people who know about your party plan business and the products you offer, the more people will show up when you hold a party. And the more people who will book parties with you themselves. There is a direct correlation as to how many guests you have in attendance and how much money you earn.

As soon as you’ve set a date, begin sending out invitations. Invite your friends, relatives, co-workers, church family, and everyone else you know. Give them a flyer or a postcard instead of just asking them to “mark their calendars.” State clearly on the flyer that anyone who comes and brings a friend will receive a small door prize, or a small discount on the first item they purchase. Now you’ve invited two people for every one flyer you’ve handed out!

After inviting the people you know, expand your contacts. You can invite people you don’t know in a number of ways. Leave brochures at the grocery store or pin up flyers and posters wherever you see public bulletin boards. Leave a stack of flyers at different churches if they will allow it. Drop some off at the doctor’s or dentist’s office. You might even consider taking out a small ad in the newspaper advertising your next home party.

Once you’ve handed out flyers and made phone calls, you can start to focus on how you’re going to make money at the party itself. The key lies in having fun, and making sure your guests do, too. Providing plenty of simple food and drinks at your home party is a no-brainer key to having fun. People feel more at ease if they have something to munch on or a cup of coffee to sip on. Make sure there’s lot to go around and people will automatically start loosening up and enjoying themselves.

Standing in front of a group of people and telling them about your products can be nerve-wracking. Just remember to relax, remain calm and enjoy yourself. No one wants to sit and listen to a boring lecture on your product for an hour or two. By the time you’re done, no one will be interested in hanging around to buy your products; they’ll just be wondering how quickly they can make their exit. But if you have fun, laugh with your guests, and really open up and talk to them, everyone will be more at ease and no one will want the fun to stop!

It’s tempting to want to hold the product for all your guests to see. But guests will be much more interested in the product if they can hold it in their own hands and look at it and explore all the things it does. Of course, you can explain everything your product can do while the guests are passing it around. But letting them touch it and hold it themselves will increase their interest in it. And they’ll be more likely to want one for their very own!

Having fun at your home party is the biggest advantage you can give yourself when you’re trying to turn a profit in direct sales home parties. So invite as many people as you can and make your party fun. You’ll appear less “showy,” and it won’t seem as though you’re trying to push your product on anyone. You’ll simply be showing your friends that you have a great product line and you want them to be the first ones to know about it.


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