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Written by Deb Bixler

Make a Marketing Plan For Party Plan Bookings & Recruits

Booking events for your party plan endeavor is a constant challenge as it is what keeps you in business. While the Internet has opened up a whole host of ideas and new ways to book parties, there are still many ways to do it when off line.

Make a direct sales marketing plan that includes all of the ways that you can market your business online and off then put the ideas into action.

Bookings & Recruits Off Line

home party plan businessThere is no “off season” in the party plan business and never a shortage of ways to find those who are interested in jumping onboard. That is why recruiting  and booking others is easier than you might think.

One great way to book an event is by putting together various advertising materials and passing them out when you are out and about in your community. Business cards are a staple in any business and you should never leave home without them. Flyers are also a great means of advertising and you can pass these out as well at a number of events. For example, shopping malls, yard sales and business fairs make great advertising opportunities for you and your party plan business.

Market Party Plan Everywhere!

You can really market your party plan business everywhere you go.  You can also post your business cards and flyers in areas such as supermarkets where this is allowed. Many stores have bulletin boards where cards can be tacked up for all to see. The key is making your party plan business card stand out over all the others. To do this you will want to choose a card design that really captures the essence of what your business is all about, one that is eye-catching and will make others take a second look. The same goes for your flyers. Many businesses will let you post them on the door or in windows. Take advantage of this where you can and keep it simple, eye-catching and to the point. Remember, you want to interest them into wanting to know more so you don’t have to sell the entire idea on one piece of paper. You do, however, want to give them enough information to entice them into calling you.

A great way to secure bookings is by always carrying your business cards with you everywhere you go. Your direct sales pitch can be worked into a number of conversations and you never know when you might run into someone who is interested. This could occur anywhere you go, from shopping expeditions to business conferences and even when you are just out taking a walk around the neighborhood. It’s all about being prepared at any given time and the more prepared you are, the more sales you’ll make in the end.

You should also be sure to carry catalogs around with you so you can leave them in various places. Once you have sold someone on the party plan business, he or she will want to see a catalog of products you offer. This is a great way to further advertise your business while keeping that person interested. A catalog also gives the interested party something to look at, which will serve to increase the excitement of joining the party plan business. After all, you just never know who might be interested in becoming your very next recruit.

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