Secrets To Creating A Successful Online Hostess

Written by Nicole Dean

One of the secrets to having a great show or party is to make sure your hostess is excited about the product, motivated to get her hostess perks and encouraging her guests to have fun and buy lots of stuff while they’re looking at the catalog.  The same holds true if your hostess has her party online.  To make sure she is both comfortable and excited with an online party simply follow these steps.

Build Her Excitement

Let your hostess know about all the free and discounted stuff she’ll get for hosting a show.  If you haven’t already, surprise your hostess with a thank you gift at her party.  It can be something as simple as a votive and dollar store candle holder but it’s a nice touch and your future hostesses will look forward to their little gift.  Help her become enthusiastic by having her create a list of products she’d like to have and then help her get them.

Extra Incentives

Sometimes it helps to offer your online hostess an extra incentive to go out and get those extra sales. Is your hostess “this” short of the minimum party or the next level of hostess perks?  Do you have a sales or booking goal? Set a goal for your hostess to have a certain number of guests at her party or a certain number of sales or bookings prior to the show.

If there a particular catalog item she’s interested in or if she is just short of her goals think about holding the party open a few more days so she can meet her ( and your) goals.  Offer the hostess the item that she wants if, and when, she meets your challenge.

Train your Hostess

Help your hostess out by giving her everything she needs to make her party a success.  Include extra order sheets, catalogs and any incentives offered in her hostess package. Maybe even include a checklist for her and give her a small gift if everything is checked off prior to the start of the party.

Keep in touch with her and help her out if needed.  Offer to mail her invitations for her if she gives you a mailing list.  This is also a good source of future leads for you. 😉  If she is too busy or uncomfortable making reminder calls then offer to help her with them.  Giving your hostess guidelines and then helping her follow them has the possibility of increasing both your sales and bookings making your hostess happy when she gets all that good stuff.

Games and Fun

Everyone likes to win stuff so plan some super simple games and giveaways during your hostess’s online party. Consider having a drawing with everyone that makes a minimum purchase of $50 or more if you have a small product to give away. Everyone will have fun playing the games that you have set up and your hostess will have a blast racking up sales to put toward getting free items.

For more online party inspiration an internet search should provide you with a ton of ideas that will make for a wonderfully fun party for your hostess and will create a profitable party for yourself.


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