Steps To Direct Sales Success

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Whether you’ve just started in your direct sales business or have been in direct sales for years, it’s important to take certain steps to be successful.

What influences your success? Many factors contribute to the success you have in direct sales but it ultimately comes down to you and your motivation.

The first steps to success in direct sales are choosing a business you’re passionate about. Ever talk to someone passionate about her business? The enthusiasm spills over to anyone she’s talking to. The same should be true of you and your business. When you love what you do, you’re good at it, and you will be successful.

Select your niche. Find a need to be filled or a problem to solve in your target area. Selecting your niche market means you choose a business that is not already in a saturated market. Don’t signup to be a makeup rep when there are already 25 in your area. Instead, choose to sell home decor because there are only a couple of consultants in your community.

Choose a profitable business. In direct sales you want to earn a high commission. So selecting a company that pays 50 percent is much more attractive than one that only pays 20 percent. A larger commission allows you greater flexibility when offering personal discounts and special offers. Larger commissions also offer greater profits on sales made.

Know your business. Successful business owners know their businesses and their competition’s business. Read over your welcome kit information and business materials. Attend any training sessions, online classes, or webinars the company provides. Most, if not all, direct sales companies provide training at no extra charge for their sales force. If you’re successful at selling their products, you bring them new and repeat customers, which mean larger profits and more successful products for them.

Create a business plan. A business plan is an asset for any serious business professional as it provides clear objectives, mission, company philosophy and more importantly where you see your business going and how you’ll do it. A successful business plan is a road map to your victory.

Be flexible. Flexibility is just as important in business as it is in any other aspect of life. A business that isn’t able to re-form itself to changes in circumstances, market or philosophy will soon find the need to become a new business.

Have dependable sources of cash flow. You’ve heard that most businesses fail within the first year of business. One of the reasons is not enough cash flow. Determine how much it will cost you to run your business before and after launch, along with your sales forecast and budget.

Your projected expenses should include the daily and unexpected incidental costs of doing business. After you’ve started your business you can determine a more accurate picture of your real life expenses and adjust your estimates as needed.

Stick to your budget. Create a budget and stick to it, especially during your startup. Determine how much you need to run your business, including advertising costs, website hosting, etc., and determine how you’ll fund it.

Reach your customers. How will you reach your customers? It’s no use in having a product if no one knows about it and how to buy it. What are your marketing and networking plans and how will you implement them? Use the technology that’s available to you but don’t overreach. It’s okay to start small, but have a plan for success. Remember that after you’ve reached your customer you need to keep them coming back. Creating a streamlined system that connects with your customers and keeps them returning will create a smoother business operation.

Choose your sales force. Why do you need a sales force? A sales force will help you become more profitable. The more venues you have for getting your products into the hands of customers, the more profitable you’ll be. Recruit a quality sales force that is as passionate about the business as you’re!

Implementing these simple steps will move you well on your way in your goal to build a successful direct sales business. Find your passion, create a plan for your success, and allow for flexibility in your business… and you will succeed!


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