Success in Direct Sales-Part 1

Written by Annette Yen

I’m a big believer in working a direct sales or network marketing business as a real business. Unfortunately too many times moms, in particular, jump into direct sales without any real plan of how to really make it work as a business and so they end up either doing nothing, becoming a wholesale buyer and ending up with way too much product around their house or a statistic in the “direct sales isn’t for me” sorority.

Although I am convinced that not everyone has the time, energy or desire to be in the top money category for their particular direct sales company, I do think that anyone who invests in a starter kit with a company they believe in CAN make it a business and make some money.  They must, however, invest time and energy to do so and they must must must work it consistently and be persistent.

First they must work it consistently.  That just means they have to have a plan to work their business somewhat either every day or every other day, or even a few times a week. There absolutely must be a commitment to work it, consistently and methodically.  In the other parts of this article series we’ll talk about a simple plan for the average direct sales mom to do that that really works.

Second, they must be persistent.  Now relax.  I don’t mean persistent in that you need to just keep hounding your friends and family even if they’re running at break neck speed in the other direction when they see you coming.  Nope, I don’t believe in that strategy at all.  What I do believe is you must be persistent in this business and be willing to ride over some rough waters that will come with every (and I do mean every) direct sales business out there.  What that means is simple.  When things don’t seem to be going the way you want them to, change course a bit but keep going!  If your company home office makes some changes that you don’t agree with, don’t quit.  Make adjustments and keep working the business.  If your upline isn’t providing the support you think you need, find another mentor in the company and ask for support from them or contact your home office directly.  Just keep working.

What happens in our industry is this roller coaster ride of emotions.  It’s inevitable given the nature of our business plan. We’re the owners of our own business but we still have accountability, policies and procedures to follow from a parent company.  We call the shots, but only to a certain degree.  Because we’re not fully in control, there will be conflict.  Persist through it.  Keep riding the roller coaster and it will start to climb again.

Is it worth it? You bet it is!  Because with each down dip there will be an upward peak. If you’re consistently working your business and persistent through the tough times, you’ll reap some great rewards. Plus you’ll have a whole lot more fun!


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