Successful Online Direct Sales Parties

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Holding an online party can be a great boost to your direct sales income. In fact, the more the merrier, for added sales! If you’re considering this option to build your direct sales business, keep these ideas in mind as you prepare.

• Plan your party in advance. As with any other event, your direct sales online parties should be planned at least 1-2 weeks in advance. This gives you and your hostess plenty of time to invite guests, book a chat room, and get your games and prizes in order.

• Create a theme for your party. You can use graphics on your invitation to fit the theme, play games that tie in, and even offer prizes related to your theme. Possible theme ideas are unlimited, but consider holidays, seasons, specific products (such as candles, even though you sell other items), and more.

• Use social media to promote your party. Post about your event on Facebook and MySpace. Tweet about it (often) on twitter. Tell everyone you know online about your party and invite them to attend. Be cautious, though, to never SPAM or post inappropriately!

• Include some great sales the day of the party. You can either add them to your website or have guests order directly through you, but be sure to have some discounts that are only available to guests.

• Organize yourself and your party. Set up an agenda that you can follow so you know what comes next. Keep the ball rolling so your guests don’t get bored and offer lots of fun and activity for the most participation–and them most sales!

• Keep a positive and attitude. There’s nothing that can turn off a customer quicker than rudeness. Be sure there’s not even a hint of impatience or irritation in your dealings with your customers and guests for the most positive impact. Become known as the friendliest direct sales consultant around!

• Have fun! Remember… this is a PARTY! Make it feel like one! Don’t get so wrapped up in the business of the party that you forget to enjoy yourself and help your hostess and guests to do the same.

• End on time. If you say your party will end at 2:00, stop at 2:00 not 2:10 or 2:15. Your guests will be happy to know you kept your word and stayed on schedule. And they’ll be much more likely to attend the next party you hold.

• Send a follow-up note to everyone who attended. Thank your hostess for her help and participation. And thank your guests for attending. Ask them if they’d like to be on your mailing list to be informed of future parties. If not, be sure you honor their wishes, by not sending additional invites. But thank them for attending this time, anyway.

Holding online parties can be fun and extremely profitable for your direct sales business. Try your hand at this lucrative event and see if you don’t discover an additional sales strategy to build your customer base.


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