The Biggest Network Marketing Event In The World

Written by Deb Bixler

I am surprised at how many sales consultants in home party plan businesses are reluctant to take advantage of the world wide web.  WWW is the largest network marketing opportunity in the world yet direct sales party plan reps usually fail to take full advantage of it.  Successful business owners take full advantage of every network marketing opportunity available.  This provides a varied clientele and a solid business.  Almost all sales consultants have an web site affiliated with their home office corporate site.  That is a good thing, and it is really not enough.  A site must attract new visitors and the way to do that is to become search engine friendly, or search-able so that your site comes to the top of the pile.  I know that some direct sales companies do allow linking and other practices that create search engine results but there are ways to over come that.

Create A Blog: On a regular basis post articles on your blog on your specialized field or topic.  If you sell food storage containers, your blog focus may be on organizing your kitchen, on food, or any/or all other related topics.  If you sell cosmetics, the focus of your blog is to develop a credible online presence as an expert who is there to answer any makeup question that is ever Googled.  These articles need to be put up consistently, but not a lot at once.  Like maybe one or two a week forever.  After you have a good archive, you can cut back a bit.  It is easy to create a blog and does not have to cost anything.  Check out:
* Word Press Blog Service FREE :

Link:  Link your blog to your affiliate site.  If your company allows you to create incoming links to your corporate affiliate site, you can link back to the affiliate site from your blog.  It is easier to create traffic to a blog because you can create multiple pages that, down the road, will be indexed for more relevant topics.  This will bring in more clients and then you funnel them into your affiliate site.  If your company does not allow you to have incoming links to the affiliate site, then your blog can capture the emails through a subscription service and you can market to them in a newsletter that will then direct them to the corporate site.

Forward To Your Blog: The free blog address will be something weird like “” .  Take your blog one step further and forward a cool name so that it is easy to tell someone about it.  It costs less than $10 to buy a domain name for a year, so your website will be “” or what ever you decide to pick.  Show Mom The Money has many tools to assist you in web site design.

Don’t let lack of knowledge hold you back.  When I first stared my business 8 years ago I did not even have a web site and now I have 7 and can build pretty complicated sites on my own.  I started with word press fee sites.  The Word Press program is easy and anyone who has absolutely no knowledge on building a web site can be up an running in an afternoon.  A balanced business depends on every form of marketing available.  By not taking advantage of the millions of searches done every day for your product or service, is a business mistake because the internet or the world wide web is the largest network marketing opportunity in the world.  Get it? world wide web = NET

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2 Responses to “The Biggest Network Marketing Event In The World”

  1. John Wrightson says:
    February 11th, 2009 11:19 am

    Interesting article I think I have to learn how to use a blog, may improve my marketing everts.

  2. mlm prospect leads says:
    February 18th, 2009 3:52 pm

    I’ve noticed the same thing and I think it’s because people are still a bit “technology shy” and uncertain where to begin.

    It’s clear that the trend it for people to spend more and more time online so it for promoting a business, it’s certainly not something you want to ignore. Even a simple blog can support some nice business growth and there are some great tutorials on Youtube to show how to do it.

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