The Hunt for the Perfect Customer

Written by Chris Carroll

Ahhhh, the elusive customer.

Sometimes it seems like we go through so much time, effort and money to find a new customer. If we sat down and figured out how much that customer cost us, it would be scary. It is especially scary if that customer only shops one time. So what is obvious is that the development of that customer is an important part to our advertising budget and to their shopping happiness.

So how can we find and create the perfect customer? And what can you do to keep that customer once they have found you?

  1. Don’t be stingy on your advertising dollars but make sure you are spending them properly.
  2. Use door to door advertising especially if you have things like mini mailers, flyers or postcards with samples.
  3. Let the advertising work. Don’t stop an ad or a method until you have tried it for at least 3-4 months or 3-4 touches
  4. Know that this is all about relationship building. So be friendly, kind and have the tools available to get key information like important dates, likes and dislikes on products, how often they would like to be contacted.
  5. Add to your mailing list and have 1-2 touches per month with tips and assorted information.
  6. Customer service calls after product delivery is critical. Check on use of the product to make sure they know how to use it.
  7. Have a sale once in a while on items you know your customer wants and needs
  8. Make returns easy. Nothing more to say on that.
  9. Make ordering easy. Don’t place restrictions on placing an order. If you are in a party plan business, have certain days in the month that you place an order for your refill customers or non party customers. Always invite sales anytime.
  10. Make wish list forms available. This can be for Christmas, Birthdays, Bridal Registery, Baby Registery, or whatever your business needs.
  11. Have automatic refill shipping available. If you client has used the same item over and over, estimate when they will be needing it again and automatically place that order before they run out.
  12. KISS or Keep It Simple Sweetie. Don’t confuse your customer with difficult shipping, fees, returns or too much information. We know that info overload can cause a customer to walk away. They want to be in control.

Returning customers are an important factor and by making sure you are accessible and letting your customer know that you are easy to do business with, you can develop a great relationship that is long lasting and profitable.


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