Two HOT Secrets for Direct Sales Consultants

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Direct sales can be a tough industry. You, of course, want to make as much money as possible. The problem is – so does everyone else.

To be successful you have to work smarter than your competitors. If you use these two direct sales secrets, you’ll be far more successful than most of your competition.

Your first task is to Brand Yourself. Let’s use McDonalds as an example. Anybody can sell hamburgers. Service and quality will vary depending on where you buy a burger.

However, if you walk into a McDonalds store anywhere in the world, you know what quality of food and service to expect. Why? Because McDonalds has spent a great deal of time and money creating their Brand. Everyone is familiar with the yellow logo because of their comprehensive marketing strategy.

Branding yourself isn’t hard. Think of the best qualities you believe people should have. Successful people usually share similar traits. They are:

• honest
• happy
• positive
• reliable
• organized
• busy
• successful
• motivated
• focused
• knowledgeable
• a good leader
• inspirational
• etc.

Generally, people don’t buy products just for the sake of it. They make a purchase because they have confidence in the person selling to them.

Picture twin brothers. Bill is dressed in torn jeans, a ripped T-shirt with stains, and has bare feet. Bob is dressed in a pair of neatly pressed trousers, an wrinkle-free business shirt, socks and black leather shoes.

They’re selling the same product at the same price. Who would you buy from?

That’s what branding is all about. Showing people what standard of goods and services they’ll get from you.

The second hot tip is to forget about making money. Read that sentence again. It’s not a mistake. Nobody cares how much money you make. Except you.

Your customers want to know one important thing. What’s in it for me? Commonly known as WIIFM.

Let’s use Tupperware as an example. Most people are familiar with the overall concept of having various containers of differing sizes and shapes in which to store and serve food, in particular.

Your customer wants to know what a particular container will do to make life easier for her. That’s why product knowledge is vital. You need to have answers if you want to make sales.

We’ll use Bill as our example again. He created his brand and now wants to learn the second secret. We were born with two ears and one mouth for a reason. It’s so we can listen twice as much as we speak.

Bill hosts a open house in his home one evening and demonstrates a variety of Tupperware products. Apart from talking, he’s also listening to questions directed at him and comments made among his guests. He observes which products seem to be the most popular.

Then Bill uses his new skill. He learns Mary needs some new containers since her family has grown.

Bill shows Mary the set of six containers that she had been eyeing during the presentation. The ones that caused her to light up when she saw that most of them would fit inside the others in the set saving space.

The sale has already been made, Mary just doesn’t realize it yet. Bill shows her the instruction book and the features list, which includes the fact that these containers are microwave-safe, childproof and airtight. Mary places her order.

Bill made this sale because he listened and watched. Mary made the decision herself and Bill simply offered a little more information to seal the deal.

Somebody very wise once wrote – If you help enough other people get what they want, you can have anything you want. That’s never more true than in direct sales. That’s a pretty hot secret of its own, don’t you think?


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