Use Business Cards to Build Your Direct Sales Business Offline

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Business cards are one of the best, low-cost methods for promoting your business that you’ll find, yet so few direct sales representatives use them! Maybe you think the cost isn’t justified, but there are so many things you can do with business cards that no direct sales consultant should be without several on hand at all times.

• Post your business card on every local bulletin board in town.

• Leave 2-3 on the restaurant table with your (generous) tip.

• Stick one in every envelope you mail including invoices, bill payments, letters to customers, even complaints.

• Slip one in several books in your topic area ever time you go to the library.

• Drop one in every business card drawing fish bowl you come across.

• Attach one to your catalogs before passing them out.

• Ask if you can leave a few on the counter at the doctor’s office, dentist and other places you visit.

• Hand them out anytime someone asks for your phone number.

• Use them like the old-fashioned calling cards… present one each time you’re introduced. But use some finesse here. This could be perceived as pushy if not done with the right attitude!

• Ask friends and family members to take several and share them with them their friends and co-workers.

• Buy one of those inexpensive holders that attach to a car and leave a stack of cards in it for passersby to grab.

• Add a note on the back of your business card that you’ll give a free gift or discount to anyone who refers a new customer.

• Use the back of your business card as an appointment card by including a blank line for the date and time.

• Include an inspirational message or quote on the back so people will keep your card longer.

• Attach a piece of candy to the back to “sweeten” your card.

• Need to jot down a note for someone? Write it on your business card.

• Give new team members a welcome gift of business cards with their name and the company website.

• Staple a business card to the outside wrapping on gift baskets you give out, or tape one to the bottom of the basket so everyone knows where the gift came from.

• Try folded business cards if you need more space for product or service offerings, coupons, discounts, etc.

• Order magnetic business cards that encourage customers and prospects to post your card on their fridge and keep you and your company name in sight.

• Canvass your neighborhood and leave a business card on every door.

• When you go to a convention or a trade show, share your business card whenever you take someone else’s.

Having business cards printed is cheap and easy. But don’t let them sit in a box and rot! Get out those business cards and use them to build your business offline. You’ll be surprised at what a big difference those little cards can make.


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