Using Direct Sales Fundraisers To Build Your Business & Boost Your Income

Written by Nicole Dean

Population Growth and Income Level ChartJoining a Direct Sales company can provide you with an excellent way to earn a great income with the added bonus of being able to make up your own schedule. In addition, the ability to work online opens up a huge market in which you can sell your products. Yet another avenue you should consider when marketing your products online is fundraising. Fundraising is an excellent feature to add to your online direct sales business for several reasons.

Fundraising exists to help groups that are in need of money. Fundraising is not limited to charities although they certainly do use fundraisers. Some groups that regularly run fundraisers are schools, churches, daycares/preschools, scouts, and non-profit organizations.

Quite a few direct sales companies have fundraiser programs in place for your use. Others allow you to sell creatively and make up your own fundraiser and allowing you to determine the percentage of profits that are given to the fundraising group. You can help the group conduct their fundraiser offline, online or a combination of both. Since there are such a wide variety of a products being offered by direct sales companies, groups doing fundraisers have an excellent chance of being successful, as they will be offering something new and different.

Most groups looking for a fundraiser are looking for fresh ideas in order to increase their chances of raising the cash they need. (All groups get tired of the same old fundraisers year after year. Offer them something different!) Think about what products your company has to offer. Some products, like jar candles, can be stand alone products or part of a candle package while a beauty company might offer a package that includes several items. Ask the fundraiser’s leader to brainstorm ideas with you to help them feel more involved in the offering.

If you make product delivery part of your customer service why not go the extra mile and put together the packages for them and include a business card in each order. This is sure to increase your income when you they run out of the item and wish to order it again. Likewise, think about placing a small sticker with your contact information on each individual product. The fundraising group will really appreciate your extra effort and just might book you in advance for the fundraisers in the coming years.

Adding fundraisers to your online direct sales business may also help you to meet your sales goals. Say you need to make a certain sales quota each month, simply plan ahead to organize a least one fundraiser per month and you are sure to meet your monthly sales goals.

This will also work for longer term sales goals. For example if you are hoping to win a trip that your company is offering as an incentive, fundraisers can go a long way to help you meet that goal. Try to schedule at least one fundraiser each month, and see the difference in your overall sales.

As you begin to look for ways to build your direct sales business by adding sales and contacts, definitely consider the benefits of organizing fundraisers. Not only will they help you meet your own personal goals for yourself and your business, you will be helping very worthy groups get much needed funds to help run their programs.

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