Using Online Parties To Grow Your Direct Sales Business

Written by Nicole Dean

Hosting online direct sales parties can be very smart especially if your hostesses are finding it hard to get your friends and family together in the same spot on the same day. Some direct sales companies even offer online parties to make it easy to pool sales together, but adding an online chat as part of the party can make the event a fun “girls night out” — without leaving the house!

Tell Everyone

Make sure to tell everyone you know that you’re hosting an online party. Excitement is contagious.  Be sure to let everyone know how excited you are about the great products that will be presented. Send out emails that tell your guests the date and time as well as a link to the website where your party is going to be held.  If you know of any special offers or discounts being offered, let them know in your email.  A lot of direct sales companies now have special areas for their hostesses to provide their guests with online email invites and information.

Offer Some Incentives

Everyone likes to think they’re saving money or “getting a deal” so incentives can be a draw for your guests and they just might place a larger order, too.  Often your company will have monthly guest discounts or other specials you can offer your guests. Send the company flyer in a subsequent reminder email or create a flyer offering your own special.

In addition to company sponsored incentives – or instead of them, if your company doesn’t offer anything- you might consider creating incentives of your own.  If you’re trying to make sales then offer a discount or buy one, get one offer using your consultant discount.  If you want to fill up your calendar with bookings, offer a special item or discount percentage to anyone that books a party on your available dates.  If you have trouble coming up with ideas or think you’re spending too much money on extra incentives, talk to your up line leader.  She will likely know how to help you in your particular situation.

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

Make a list of places to advertise your online party.  Think of forums, chat rooms and websites that might cater to someone interested in your company’s products.  You must make sure to pay attention to the posting rules in the sites you are looking to place an advertisement. You don’t want to be accused of spamming since that will get you banned from future postings and make you look unprofessional. Forums for moms or for moms that work from home are excellent places to look for advertising your online party.  Just remember – be respectful.

Enjoy The Party

Once you’ve send the invitation and reminder emails, advertised and thought up your sales and booking strategies then sit back, relax and enjoy the party.  Be excited for your hostess and guests and share your enthusiasm for the products being offered.  It is very likely that you will get others interested and excited too and that will lead to a fun and profitable online party


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