What Can My Up Line Do For Me Anyway?

Written by Nicole Dean

Choosing the correct up line leader is one of the smartest moves that you can make when you decide to get into the direct sales industry. The person you choose as your leader is the person responsible for teaching and mentoring you.  Make sure you choose someone you like and respect as well as someone that will be able to mentor you effectively, after all, you’re making them money, too.  Most successful direct sales consultants that you speak with will tell you that they feel their choice of sponsor played a large role in the overall success of their direct sales business. Once you’ve decided on your sponsor or up line leader, it’s important to stay in touch with them to make sure you’re receiving the benefits of having a successful up line leader.


Proper training is essential to the growth of your business.  If this is your first venture into the direct sales world your up line leader will be your business life-line. For example, your up line can answer any questions that you might have on how to navigate through your company’s online ordering system, or how to get your discount on personal orders. If at any time, however, you feel your up line isn’t training you correctly or you don’t get a response from them, make sure to contact their up line for the correct information.

Your up line will be able to guide you through the company’s policies and procedures as well as show you the many hints, tips and tricks learned through her experience. Ask if you can shadow some of her home shows and take notes on her presentation.


Your business won’t thrive if you don’t promote it.  A successful up line leader is experienced in marketing and promotion of your business.  Use her knowledge of the company’s marketing materials and promotional tactics to find out what would work to help you build your business.

She can help you develop a plan of action that will help you build momentum with your booking and income goals. Make sure that the goals you’re setting are goals that meet your needs – not just the needs of your up line.

Your up line can also help you develop a plan of action so you can go out and book parties and make the income goals that you have set for yourself. Your up line will also help to fill you in on your company’s policies for marketing your business online.


Like a building is only as strong as its support beams, you need support so your business won’t collapse.  One huge reason you should stay in touch with your up line is the moral support and encouragement that she can offer you.  This can make a huge difference in the success of your direct sales business.

When you feel that you have someone that believes in you and is just as excited about your business as you are your confidence, as well as your business, will grow.  It’s important to have a good relationship with your up line.  She has the experience to help you get through the hard times of building your business.  For instance, if you lose momentum, she can give you hints and tips to fill your booking calendar or make more sales.

Staying in touch with your up line when you join a direct sales business is essential to the growth of your business.  It’s important to find a sponsor that is actively working her business and is genuinely interested in signing you up and helping you grow a business so that you can be successful in meeting your goals.


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