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* Get Paid Per Click

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Articles about Affiliate Marketing

* Why be an Affiliate Marketer?
Make More Money with Affiliate Programs
How to Promote Your Affiliate Marketing Programs
Super Affiliate Mindset - Affiliate Marketing
Top 10 Reasons to do Affiliate Marketing
* How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing
Low Start up Costs Affiliate Marketing

Where to Market Affiliate Programs

> Start a newsletter
> Business Cards
> Write Articles
> Blogs
> Write an Ebook

Free Affiliate Training

We highly recommend all of these free resources:

Free Affiliate Articles - free articles that you can use to promote affiliate programs

Free Affiliate Magazine - printable from your computer. Excellent resource!

Become a high-earning affiliate!

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Google Adsense Tips

AdSense can be very confusing and discouraging for a beginner. Hey, I was there, too! So, start with these tips.

And, if you decide you want to make the big bucks with AdSense, then be sure to check out AdSense Secrets. I bought AdSenseSecrets and it really is THE resource if you want to make serious AdSense income. It easily has paid for itself many times over.

Adsense for Beginners - Most Important Adsense Tips - These tips are the starting point for Beginners.

Adsense Mistakes - The #1 AdSense Mistake you want to avoid making.

Select your Google AdSense Ads - You do have some control over which AdSense Ads are displayed on your site.

AdLink Units Tips - Are the Google AdLinks worth it?

Using Content to Increase your Adsense Revenue - There's no point in trying to cut corners in creating content - and absolutely no revenue to gain.

How to Get Rid of Public Service Ads on Adsense - The public service ads make you NO money. But, you can easily change that!

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