10 More Ways to Find Hostesses

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In direct sales, hostesses equal profits. So in theory, you can never have too many hostesses! Here are 10 more ways to find hostesses to hold a party or show for you.

1. Strike up a conversation while waiting in line at the checkout counter. Friendliness goes a long way, and even if you don’t get a new hostess, you can create a pleasant experience by sharing a conversation with your “neighbors.”

2. Have friends and family wear pin-back buttons that say “My [Wife, Sister, Friend] Sells [Product]!” These buttons are very inexpensive and well worth the price to give one to everyone you know who’ll wear it.

3. Wear your own button that says “Ask Me About …. [My Company]!” This is a great way to find new hostesses.

4. Don’t forget your coworkers. Many companies have policies about selling at work, but you can usually hand out catalogs during your lunch hour or leave a couple in the restroom. Just letting people know what you offer will get you new hostesses and customers

5. Ask your extended family members to ask people they know to host a show for you. Consider sisters and brothers, cousins, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, parents, in-laws. Give them a small gift for every referral.

6. Church members and pastors make great prospects, as do their wives and family members. Pastors are typically low paid and struggling to make ends meet. Many would welcome the opportunity to earn free products and discounts.

7. Talk to former hostesses and customers. You might be surprised how many people who’ve held a party for you in the past would welcome the chance to earn more free products and discounts. Ask them to do a catalog show if they don’t want to hold an actual party.

8. Host a free giveaway. Put a nicely decorated box or basket in local restaurants, salons, health clubs, etc. to collect names and addresses for a free monthly prize drawing. Call each entrant and invite them to host a show.

9. Give your current hostesses a free gift or discount for every booking they get you from their show. Make this something they want, but that they can’t get anywhere else for the best results.

10. Always carry brochures, samples, catalogs, flyers and business cards to share everywhere you go! Look for prospective hostesses in everyone you meet.

Is your calendar full yet? It should be getting there. If not, keep trying these and other ideas and you’ll certainly begin to see results in your direct sales success!


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