Use Fundraising to Increase Your Direct Sales

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When looking for a way to increase your direct sales revenue, fundraising is an excellent choice. Fundraisers allow you to reach a large number of customers in a short period of time.

With fundraising events, you don’t have to spend one-on-one time selling to each individual customer, leaving your other customers feeling as though they have been neglected during the course of the sale.

Best of all, organizations are open to the idea of incorporating your direct sales business into their fundraising efforts because they know they’ll make money for their organization, too.

Fundraising does require you to give a small portion of your revenue to the organization. The goal is, after all, to raise money for them, and they will have done quite a bit of the work for you. However, you’ll generally receive more revenue than the organization will on every sale made.

Most fundraisers are designed so the organization receives a certain percentage of sales and you receive the rest of the profit. Typically, this is a 60/40 split, though sometimes it’s 50/50. most of the time, though, the percentage split is designed so the salesperson receives more of the revenue than the organization.

Even a 50/50 split is good for your business! This will not only make you feel great about helping a worthy cause in your community, but it associates your business with doing good and you can’t beat a deal like that.

Fundraising to increase your direct sales is a win-win situation for both you and the organization. You provide the organization with a great fundraising campaign – selling your products. The organization then distributes the material that customers need such as catalogues, flyers, business cards, website addresses, and your contact information.

Generally, you’ll prepare fundraising packets ahead of time for the organization to hand out. Then it’s just a simple matter of the organization giving the packets to their participating members.

Before you create the packets to send out to potential customers, you need to contact the person who handles fundraising in the organization. This can be done through a simple introductory package. Many organizations will be excited to partner with you because it’s a chance for them to make money.

Nevertheless, you may still need to convince them through the introductory package that choosing your business as a fundraiser is their best option.

On top of the package, place an introductory letter that introduces you to the organization and explains your business and its products.

Also include an earnings chart showing how much the organization can make depending on how much they sell. A graph chart is a great way to do this, especially if your business has different levels of sales goals.

In both your introductory packets and member selling packets, include a business card with the title “Fundraising Expert” or include a flyer outlining what you can do for fundraising with a tagline such as, “Call me for all your fundraising needs.”

This not only makes you look more professional and shows you really know your way around fundraisers, but it could also gain you more business in the long run. Who knows how many of the organization’s members have their own fundraisers that they’ll need help with? And when they do, it’s you they’ll call.

Once the fundraiser is over and you’ve tallied up the sales, be sure to send thank you cards to both the organization and your new customers. This shows them that you really appreciate their business and that you’re always available should they need you in the future.

Fundraising is a simple business building strategy that, with a little preparation and planning, can reap huge rewards for your direct sales business.

Encouraging Your Direct Sales Team through Coaching

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As a direct sales consultant, you know that one of the most important ways to grow your business is to build your downline and help them build their businesses. When your team members are successful and add to their teams, you all reap the benefits.

There are a number of ways to help your downline grow, but one of the easiest ways is to coach them. Coaching is where you encourage and train your team to do what’s right and what will grow their businesses.

One of the most important things you need to do when you’re coaching your team is to continually communicate with them. You can stay in contact with them via email, instant messenger, mail, or the telephone.

Set a daily or weekly time for communication and stick to it as often as you can. If you communicate via email or snail mail, you won’t have to worry about the time, but instant messenger and the phone do require a specific time so you know your team members will be there when you’re ready to meet.

Another thing to consider when you’re coaching your team is to regularly offer training. Training is one of the best ways for your team to grow and succeed. Offer training once a week and cover something different each week. Ask your team what they need help with, what they want to learn, and what will help them grow then offer training on those subjects.

Team meetings are another important aspect of coaching. Have your team attend the meeting each week and bring a list of things they accomplished in the prior week as well as what they plan to accomplish in the coming week. Consider holding this meeting on Monday morning. When you keep it at the beginning of the week your team will start their week nice and fresh and ready to go.

Something else to keep in mind is either attending a presentation by each team member, or calling during the presentation so you can help them with any mistakes they may be making. You can also suggest things to make their presentations even better. It’s not easy to have others tell us what we’re doing wrong, but it’s the only way to grow and improve our skills. When done with kindness and a sincere desire to help, your team members will more easily understand and accept your constructive criticism with the right attitude.

Taking your team to the next level will require encouragement from you more than anything else. Show them you care and that you’re available to help them grow. Build trust with them and show them you’re not there only for the money, but to see them truly succeed.

You can make use of team coaching calls or one-on-one coaching sessions. For a consultant who’s just starting out in direct sales, the one-on-one coaching may be best. Newbies require special attention because they are more than likely new to the business all together or at the least to direct sales in general.

Show your new team members that you’re there for them all the way and that you want them to succeed. Help them determine their goals, show them how to write them out so they know what they want and what they need to do to achieve their dreams.

Create a weekly, monthly, and yearly goal sheet for team members to use. Make sure you show them how to take one goal and break it down into reachable daily goals. Breaking a goal down into bite-sized pieces helps your team members see that each aspect is achievable. They’ll know exactly what to do to reach each goal.

Show your team how many contacts they need each day to reach the number of presentations or parties they want each week. Teach them what to say when they contact someone, whether it’s on the phone, via email, or in person.

In direct sales, a lot of your income comes from your downline. When you coach them and show them how to advance, your business will grow. When you use the suggestions above, you will see new levels of success and you will reach your own goals as well as helping your team to reach theirs.

Tips to Increase Your Direct Sales

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Everyone gets into the business of direct sales for one thing – to make money! Of course, being passionate about the product and believing in it are also great reasons for getting involved in direct sales. But you can be passionate and have full confidence in a product and still not choose to sell it.

Selling product is what direct selling is all about whether you’re a representative for Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, or another direct sales company. So how can you capitalize on this opportunity and make the most money possible? Easy! You only need to know the benefit your product provides, what your customer wants, and take away any risk for your customer. After you’ve done all this, who wouldn’t be interested in your product?

The first thing you need to do when selling anything to anyone is know what benefit your product will provide them. People aren’t interested in buying things simply to make you rich. They want to know that when they pay money for something, it will be something that’s useful and beneficial to them.

Ask yourself what particular benefits a product has for your customer. Yes, the lipstick you’re selling probably comes in many different shades but any cosmetic counter in a department store has a wide assortment of lipsticks. Look for another benefit that the customer will only be able to receive from ordering your product.

Maybe your company’s lipstick is made with hypoallergenic materials, or contains an exclusive ingredient that will make the lipstick last longer or feel smoother and creamier when applied. It’s no secret that your product needs something to set itself apart from the crowd in order to sell. It’s up to you to find that particular something and sell that rather than the product.

Combining products into a package is another great way to increase your direct sales. This allows you to sell several products at once which is an immediate increase in sales.

To combine direct sales products, you need to be able to focus on what your customer wants and be able to provide that to them in one complete package. For instance, if you’re selling kitchen items such as Tupperware, you could start your sales pitch by explaining the benefits of a lettuce crisper to your customer.

Of course, it will keep lettuce crisp so the lettuce will not only taste better but will also last longer. If you manage to sell that lettuce crisper, good for you! But you’ve sold only one product.

Rather than start all over again to sell another one, why not combine that lettuce crisper with a lettuce knife, a tomato keeper, and a garlic container? This shows your customer that you can provide her with lots of options for her kitchen, rather than just one. And of course, you’ll sell three products at one time.

Knowing what your customer needs and being able to provide it in one complete package shows your customer, once again, that buying from you is the best way to go.

To increase your direct sales, you also need to eliminate any risk–or perceived risk–to your customer. Offering a money-back guarantee or a product satisfaction guarantee will let your customer know that there is no risk to her in buying your product. Explain to your customer clearly that if she is in any way unhappy with your product, she can simply return it for a full refund. So she isn’t going to lose any money on an unsatisfactory product.

In order to increase your direct sales, you need to fully believe in the benefit your product will provide to your customer. You also need to be able to be able to identify each customer’s needs and group them into a complete package that will fully benefit each customer individually. Then, by offering a money-back guarantee (whether your company does or not), your customer will easily see that there is no risk to her.

With all of these tactics combined, your customer will see why she needs your product which will increase your direct sales tremendously!

Gearing Up for Holiday Sales

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It’s hard to believe how quickly time flies (whether you’re having fun or not!). And this year is no exception. Before you know it, Christmas will be upon us yet again. Of course, the decorations and carols, festive food and fellowship is wonderful, but to many direct sales representatives, Christmas is the biggest shopping season of the year. So it’s time to get geared up and ready to go for those added Christmas sales. Here are some things to work on to insure you get your share of that extra money!

• Set a goal for your holiday sales. Decide how much you’d like to earn during the three months of the typical holiday shopping season (October, November and December). Divide that amount by 12 weeks and you’ll have a sales figure to shoot for each week. Now, divide that amount by your estimated earnings per show and you’ll know how many shows you need to book every week.

For example, if you want to earn $6,000 over the next three months, you’ll need to earn $500 a week. If you make an average of $250 per show, you’ll need to hold two shows every week. While $6,000 may seem like an outrageous amount, two shows a week doesn’t look so hard, does it?

• Start early. Don’t wait until December first to start promoting your Christmas sales. Plan flyers and other advertising. Take out a small classified newspaper ad. Post your business card on bulletin boards around town. Leave catalogs in doctor’s offices. Start ramping up your sales now to have the biggest holiday selling season you’ve ever had.

• Create some custom gift baskets and bags. Use your company products to create gift packages in a variety of price ranges. Find some inexpensive, but nice, bags or baskets at the dollar store. Spray paint the baskets gold and they look really nice! Then arrange your products in a nice display. Wrap the whole package in a cello bag and tie with a ribbon. Include a small gift card that the recipient can sign and you’re on your way to some great holiday sales!

• Contact local businesses and offer your gift baskets or other appropriate gifts for their customers and clients. Take in a sample so they can see the quality of your products. Leave a flyer that includes prices and ordering information. Call back in a few days to follow-up.

Businesses of every size look for affordable Christmas gifts that show their appreciation for their customers every year. They can buy from you as well as anyone else… you just have to let them know what’s available!

• Include free gift wrapping, free or low-cost delivery with local orders, a gift registry and other services that cost little but offer added value to your products. These services may be especially appreciated by businesses who often have to send an expensive hourly employee to hand-deliver their gifts.

• Create a simple three-to-a-page gift certificate, print and cut, then sell these in lieu of gifts. Gift cards and gift certificates offer the greatest shopping advantage because gift buyers know they are getting exactly what the recipient wants. Become a part of this craze by selling your own gift certificates.

These are just a few things you can do to get started building your holiday shares. The main idea is to promote your business in new and unusual ways while maintaining a high level of customer service. A combination that will never steer you wrong!

Use Subsellers to Increase Direct Sales Profits

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The idea of subsellers (or helpers) in direct sales isn’t a new one, but many direct sales representatives neglect this profitable way to build their businesses with less effort than building a full direct sales team or downline.

The difference in a subseller and a regular team member is that the subseller is not a consultant for your company. She strictly helps to sell product under your account.

A subseller’s main purpose is to generate orders. She may be motivated by making some extra money (you can give her a percentage based on sales as noted below), or she may just want to earn enough to get her own products free. Whatever the reason, she will gather her own orders, collect the money from “her” customers, pay you, separate and bag her orders, and then deliver the orders she has collected.

If you decide to use a subseller, or more than one, be sure you have an agreement in place so she and you both understand what each one’s role is. Typical agreements include the following guidelines:

• Subsellers place bulk orders only. The subseller takes the orders from her customers, compile the orders, then gives you one order for everything she needs.

• Subsellers package all their own orders. You return the bulk order just as it was given to you and she separates it as needed.

• Sales Aids such as bags, samples, etc. should be made available for your subsellers at cost.

• Set a discount amount for your subsellers based on their sales. For instance:
• $50 or less in sales, 10%
• $51 – $100, 20%
• $101-$150, 25%
• $151-$200, 30%
• over $200, 35%

• Subsellers should be able to order their own products at the same discounted rate.

• Decide how you’ll handle giving her catalogs and brochures. You may give 1-2 and then charge for additional ones. Whatever works best for you.

• Set a specific time that orders are due to you. For instance, every other Friday by 6:00 PM.

• Let her know when her products can be picked up. For instance after 12:00 noon on the Wednesday after the order is placed.

• Decide on the payment form you’ll accept: cash, money order, PayPal, etc., and when payment is due. It’s best to require payment when the order is placed. This will ensure that your subsellers collect payment from their customer when orders are placed with them.

• Some representatives require a minimum order of as much as $50 from their subsellers. It’s up to you, but if you want to require a minimum, be sure to Include it on your agreement.

• Include a place to sign with an agreed upon statement such as:

This agreement can be changed or altered only with the signature of both parties, however, _____________________ [Your Name] reserves the right to terminate the relationship at any time.

• Above the subsellers signature, add:

I agree to these conditions and understand that I, _____________________, [Subseller’s Name] will be held responsible for all monies due.

• Have your subseller sign and date the Agreement and you do the same.

Now, simply make a copy for her and keep the original yourself. “Hire” as many subsellers as you feel comfortable working with to build your business much more quickly than you could on your own!

While you don’t have the same responsibilities for subsellers as you do for a full team downline, you will want to offer sales helps and ideas, as well as encouragement. After all she is helping to build your business. That’s why it makes so much sense to use subsellers to increase your direct sales profit without undue labor on your part!

Finding Your First Direct Sales Recruit

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So you’ve decided you’d like to be a direct sales team leader. Congratulations! Now, it’s time to find your first recruit. This can be an exciting, yet frightening adventure if you’ve never considered recruiting as part of your direct sales business.

Here are some ideas to help you find your very first team member. After that, with a little experience under your belt, recruiting will come a lot easier. That first recruit seems to always be the hardest.

Ask friends and family. Maybe a relative is just looking for something to do in her spare time, or has been considering starting a home-based business of her own. You’ll never know until you ask!

Make up recruiting flyers and post them around town. Give details on your compensation program and include a tear-off strip at the bottom so interested people can contact you.

Post an ad on Craigslist, kijii, GoLSN and similar sites. Can’t beat their free advertising for reaching people in your local area. Be sure to post in the correct category, however, if you don’t want your ad to be removed.

If you have a prospect who is interested but unsure, invite her to spend a day with you before she decides. Take her to a home party, on a sales call or a delivery, or to post flyers around town. Whatever you do and wherever she goes with you, let her see how much you enjoy the business you’re in. She’ll be much more apt to make a decision the better she understands exactly what it is you do.

Consider hostesses, especially repeat hostesses, as potential consultants. If someone has booked a show with you – especially more than one show! – they obviously like your products. Being a consultant for your company will help them earn even more products, so sign them up!

Know someone who hates her job? She’s a prime candidate for a home-based business in direct sales. Talk to her about the flexibility she’ll have in her own business and remind her that starting part-time while she’s still working that job will give her the added benefit of having ready-made customers and hostesses.

If someone admires your success and compliments you on your business, tell them how they can have the same thing for themselves! What a natural lead-in to recruiting.

Wear a pin-back button that says, “Own your own business for only $X!” and wear it everywhere you go. People will comment and then you have a perfect opening with someone who is obviously interested in learning more.

When mentioning your business to others, always mention the business opportunity as well. Yes, sales and shows are great, but finding recruits is another wonderful avenue to added profits.

Keep in mind that not everyone is suited to direct sales. Some people don’t have the confidence, others don’t simply don’t like to sell. Whatever the reason, expect to hear no at times. Remember, though, that every “no” you hear brings you that much closer to the next “yes!”

Share your business opportunity every chance you get. Emphasize the benefits of owning a home-based business and being a consultant with your company, and share your enthusiasm for your products. Your excitement will build excitement for your company and products in others.

If you’re serious about moving into leadership, get busy and find team member number one. Take that step and you’ll be on your way to the next level of success in your direct sales career.

Successful Strategies for Making Your Next Show a Hit

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Want to succeed in direct sales through home parties and shows? Then make sure your hostess and her guests have a great time! Build a reputation for hosting fun, entertaining and informative shows and you’ll keep your booking calendar full all year long.

Here are some things you can do to ensure the best home parties possible for your direct sales business. Mix them up and use the ones you’re comfortable and the ones that get a good response from your circle of customers and hostesses for the best results.

• Play 2-3 Games

There are hundreds of possible games you can play. Consider Custom Bingo (using words related to your direct sales business), warm-up and get acquainted games, and many others.

Ask other direct sales consultants for ones they use. Search online for “direct sales games” or go to the library and check out a book on indoor games. Adapt as needed and offer lots of prizes!

• Hold a Door Prize Drawing

Create a simple drawing slip with the contact’s full name, address, phone number and email along with a couple of simple checkboxes like “I’d love to book a show in my home” or “I’m interested in owning a business of my own.” Have every guest fill out a form and draw a winner at the end for a nice (inexpensive) prize.

• Let Your Hostess Do the Demonstration

Ask your hostess if she has ever used your products before. If not, select a guest who has and have her to help with your demonstration. If you sell make-up, have her put it on  herself or a guest. If you sell home decor, have her make an arrangement for you. If you sell candles, have her select her favorite scent and describe the mood it creates. And so on…

• Make a Custom Word Find Game

Use words associated with your direct sales business and make a word find game. Word finds are simple to make and fun to solve. Use the free online tool at Armored Penguin to create a custom puzzle that you can print and copy for your shows. Be sure to give a prize to the first one to find all the words.

• Provide Child Care

Many women would love to host or attend a home party, but often find it difficult to find a babysitter. If you have a teenager or two in your life, hire them to care for the kids in another room, a basement or the back yard while  your show is going on. You can bet that the next time your hostess wants to book a home party, she’ll think of you and your excellent customer service!

• Host a Theme Party

Go for a summer barbecue, a pampering spa party, an upbeat dance party, even a modified costume party! Whatever you choose, get your hostess involved in the planning and make it an all out event focused on fun. It’s sure to be a success.

Whichever strategies you use at your home parties, have fun yourself. You’ll become known as the direct sales representative who hosts the best parties, which will ensure your direct sales business is a raging success!

10 More Ways to Find Hostesses

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In direct sales, hostesses equal profits. So in theory, you can never have too many hostesses! Here are 10 more ways to find hostesses to hold a party or show for you.

1. Strike up a conversation while waiting in line at the checkout counter. Friendliness goes a long way, and even if you don’t get a new hostess, you can create a pleasant experience by sharing a conversation with your “neighbors.”

2. Have friends and family wear pin-back buttons that say “My [Wife, Sister, Friend] Sells [Product]!” These buttons are very inexpensive and well worth the price to give one to everyone you know who’ll wear it.

3. Wear your own button that says “Ask Me About …. [My Company]!” This is a great way to find new hostesses.

4. Don’t forget your coworkers. Many companies have policies about selling at work, but you can usually hand out catalogs during your lunch hour or leave a couple in the restroom. Just letting people know what you offer will get you new hostesses and customers

5. Ask your extended family members to ask people they know to host a show for you. Consider sisters and brothers, cousins, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, parents, in-laws. Give them a small gift for every referral.

6. Church members and pastors make great prospects, as do their wives and family members. Pastors are typically low paid and struggling to make ends meet. Many would welcome the opportunity to earn free products and discounts.

7. Talk to former hostesses and customers. You might be surprised how many people who’ve held a party for you in the past would welcome the chance to earn more free products and discounts. Ask them to do a catalog show if they don’t want to hold an actual party.

8. Host a free giveaway. Put a nicely decorated box or basket in local restaurants, salons, health clubs, etc. to collect names and addresses for a free monthly prize drawing. Call each entrant and invite them to host a show.

9. Give your current hostesses a free gift or discount for every booking they get you from their show. Make this something they want, but that they can’t get anywhere else for the best results.

10. Always carry brochures, samples, catalogs, flyers and business cards to share everywhere you go! Look for prospective hostesses in everyone you meet.

Is your calendar full yet? It should be getting there. If not, keep trying these and other ideas and you’ll certainly begin to see results in your direct sales success!

Focus Your Energies for Direct Sales Success

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As wives and moms we learn early how to multi-task and accomplish several things at once. We cook supper while feeding the baby, iron clothes while talking on the phone, straighten up the living room while helping a child find her shoes. We seldom, if ever, do only one thing at a time.

That’s why it’s sometimes hard for us to focus on just one direct sales business or on just one aspect of our business at a time. We are so conditioned to multi-tasking that we worry if we’re not doing several things at once. We feel there must be something wrong with us. But there are times when we need to focus on only one task in order to achieve the best results.

A University of Michigan study shows that multi-tasking can actually hinder our productivity. While we feel as if we’re accomplishing a lot by doing two or more things at once, we’re not giving any task our complete attention. This causes us to make more mistakes and even take longer to complete each project.

Single-tasking, or focusing on only one task at a time, actually increases our productivity and helps us to get more done in less time with better overall results.

Henry Ford discovered this principle in the early 1900’s when he is credited as being the first industrialist to use the assembly line process. His goal was to streamline productivity and manufacture more vehicles in less time. His success is legendary. And you can use the same principles to get more done in less time in your direct sales business.

Using this method, simply group the smallest measure of similar tasks together and then work on each group of similar tasks until it’s complete before moving on to the next group of tasks.

So rather than simply grouping phone calls together, group phone calls by category such as booking calls, hostess follow-up calls, customer re-order calls, etc. Make one complete set of calls in the first category then move on to the next category of calls.

You may spend what seems to be more time on the telephone at one time, but your focused efforts will result in increased productivity and you’ll actually get more calls made in less time and will see much greater results from your efforts.

This simple production line technique will help keep your momentum going, and will help you concentrate more fully on the actual task at hand at that moment. Greater concentration always results in a greater rate of success.

20 Tips to Making Your Direct Sales Business Successful

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You’ve thought about starting a direct sales business but you aren’t sure if it will be successful and that has you at a standstill.  While there are no sure bets in direct sales, there are some tips that will help you on your journey to success.

1.    Love and believe in the product you are selling. If you love it, use it yourself and know that it works, it won’t be hard to sell.

2.    If you have to invest a lot of money to get started on a starter kit or literature, re-think it.  A starter kit should have the best selling products, catalogs and other literature you’ll need.  Replacement catalogs & literature should be reasonably priced and your personal discount to buy new product should be 30%-50%.

3.    Build a network, but don’t just build a network to sell to. Build true relationships and friendships with people first. Be genuine and real.

4.    Know your product and know your competition. If a similar product is sold in stores, be ready to explain why yours is the better product especially if there is a cost difference.

5.    Have a web site.  If your company offers their representatives the option of having a corporate site, make sure to take advantage of having one.  Many times you’ll be able to communicate easily with your customers with just a click of a button.

6.    Think about creating a personal website to complement your company site.  Be sure your web site is top of the line. Don’t just throw something out there to have something out there. You can hire a virtual assistant to make a quality, SEO ready website for your business for usually a lot less than it would cost to hire a web designer.  Make sure to check your company’s rules & regulations regarding having a personal website before you create one

7.    Make sure your web site has a shopping cart for people to make purchases easily.

8.    Verify your company’s advertising rules and then think about advertising your direct sales business in the local yellow pages with your name and phone number.

9.    Keep excellent client records. If you sell multiple products like make-up or storage containers, know what products your client uses, likes or doesn’t like. Don’t try to sell them something they’re not interested in. They will be turned off and probably stop buying from you.

10.    Keep monthly records of:
•    sales
•    tax collected
•    money invested in education and training
•    product loss (returns and refunds),
•    gas mileage to and from sales meetings and consultations
•    meals out with clients or potential clients
•    money invested in promotional materials
•    money invested in building a web site, web maintenance, etc.
This will make tax time much easier

11.    Be honest in everything you do. Your clients will trust you and come back time and time again.  Own up to any mistakes you might make and always make things good.

12.    Learn to accept rejection. You will run into a heck of a lot more “No’s” than “Yes’s” along the way, so just know that from the get-go, get past it and move on. You will eventually come to a “Yes” and then to another and another.

13.    Attend your sales meetings. You will learn from others who are successful in the same line of business as you, you’ll be built up and encouraged, and you may even help someone else out.

14.    Set goals.  What goals do you have for your business?  What steps will you take to get there?

15.    Share your goals with others who will support your efforts: your spouse, others in your company, people in your network.  Ask them to help you stay accountable.

16.    Help yourself become a success by helping others be a success. Teach others what you know, and then learn more from others and teach that. You’ll be surprised at the lives you touch and change.

17.    Don’t expect overnight success. Starting any business takes hard work, effort, determination and perseverance. If it’s worth it to you though, you will stick it out, see it through and be a success.

18.    Know when to throw in the towel. If you find you don’t love what you’re doing, you can’t believe in what you’re selling, or the product isn’t good enough, then maybe it’s time to do something different.

19.    Back to number 1, know and love what you’re selling! You may be the best sales person in the world but if you don’t love and use the product your clients will see right through you. On the other hand if you know and love your product and use it every day then you won’t have to be a sales person. Your product will truly sell itself.

20.    Take Action.  Be a doer.  No measure of success will come to you until you take action steps to make your goals a reality.  Write them down – visit them often but DO something every day to grow your business.

There are many advantages to joining a direct sales company.  The income potential, setting your own schedule, prizes and awards, support groups and camaraderie, free product samples, some come with a free website customized for you, free advertising and so on. Check out all the advantages and disadvantages (like cost to join or product that you may have to purchase first) before diving in or being sucked in to a direct sales company.

If you use some of these tips and have a successful direct sales company, won’t you share some of your tips and stories with us? We’d like to hear what you’re doing, what works and doesn’t for your business, so leave us a comment here.

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