Focus Your Energies for Direct Sales Success

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As wives and moms we learn early how to multi-task and accomplish several things at once. We cook supper while feeding the baby, iron clothes while talking on the phone, straighten up the living room while helping a child find her shoes. We seldom, if ever, do only one thing at a time.

That’s why it’s sometimes hard for us to focus on just one direct sales business or on just one aspect of our business at a time. We are so conditioned to multi-tasking that we worry if we’re not doing several things at once. We feel there must be something wrong with us. But there are times when we need to focus on only one task in order to achieve the best results.

A University of Michigan study shows that multi-tasking can actually hinder our productivity. While we feel as if we’re accomplishing a lot by doing two or more things at once, we’re not giving any task our complete attention. This causes us to make more mistakes and even take longer to complete each project.

Single-tasking, or focusing on only one task at a time, actually increases our productivity and helps us to get more done in less time with better overall results.

Henry Ford discovered this principle in the early 1900’s when he is credited as being the first industrialist to use the assembly line process. His goal was to streamline productivity and manufacture more vehicles in less time. His success is legendary. And you can use the same principles to get more done in less time in your direct sales business.

Using this method, simply group the smallest measure of similar tasks together and then work on each group of similar tasks until it’s complete before moving on to the next group of tasks.

So rather than simply grouping phone calls together, group phone calls by category such as booking calls, hostess follow-up calls, customer re-order calls, etc. Make one complete set of calls in the first category then move on to the next category of calls.

You may spend what seems to be more time on the telephone at one time, but your focused efforts will result in increased productivity and you’ll actually get more calls made in less time and will see much greater results from your efforts.

This simple production line technique will help keep your momentum going, and will help you concentrate more fully on the actual task at hand at that moment. Greater concentration always results in a greater rate of success.


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