Tips to Increase Your Direct Sales

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Everyone gets into the business of direct sales for one thing – to make money! Of course, being passionate about the product and believing in it are also great reasons for getting involved in direct sales. But you can be passionate and have full confidence in a product and still not choose to sell it.

Selling product is what direct selling is all about whether you’re a representative for Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, or another direct sales company. So how can you capitalize on this opportunity and make the most money possible? Easy! You only need to know the benefit your product provides, what your customer wants, and take away any risk for your customer. After you’ve done all this, who wouldn’t be interested in your product?

The first thing you need to do when selling anything to anyone is know what benefit your product will provide them. People aren’t interested in buying things simply to make you rich. They want to know that when they pay money for something, it will be something that’s useful and beneficial to them.

Ask yourself what particular benefits a product has for your customer. Yes, the lipstick you’re selling probably comes in many different shades but any cosmetic counter in a department store has a wide assortment of lipsticks. Look for another benefit that the customer will only be able to receive from ordering your product.

Maybe your company’s lipstick is made with hypoallergenic materials, or contains an exclusive ingredient that will make the lipstick last longer or feel smoother and creamier when applied. It’s no secret that your product needs something to set itself apart from the crowd in order to sell. It’s up to you to find that particular something and sell that rather than the product.

Combining products into a package is another great way to increase your direct sales. This allows you to sell several products at once which is an immediate increase in sales.

To combine direct sales products, you need to be able to focus on what your customer wants and be able to provide that to them in one complete package. For instance, if you’re selling kitchen items such as Tupperware, you could start your sales pitch by explaining the benefits of a lettuce crisper to your customer.

Of course, it will keep lettuce crisp so the lettuce will not only taste better but will also last longer. If you manage to sell that lettuce crisper, good for you! But you’ve sold only one product.

Rather than start all over again to sell another one, why not combine that lettuce crisper with a lettuce knife, a tomato keeper, and a garlic container? This shows your customer that you can provide her with lots of options for her kitchen, rather than just one. And of course, you’ll sell three products at one time.

Knowing what your customer needs and being able to provide it in one complete package shows your customer, once again, that buying from you is the best way to go.

To increase your direct sales, you also need to eliminate any risk–or perceived risk–to your customer. Offering a money-back guarantee or a product satisfaction guarantee will let your customer know that there is no risk to her in buying your product. Explain to your customer clearly that if she is in any way unhappy with your product, she can simply return it for a full refund. So she isn’t going to lose any money on an unsatisfactory product.

In order to increase your direct sales, you need to fully believe in the benefit your product will provide to your customer. You also need to be able to be able to identify each customer’s needs and group them into a complete package that will fully benefit each customer individually. Then, by offering a money-back guarantee (whether your company does or not), your customer will easily see that there is no risk to her.

With all of these tactics combined, your customer will see why she needs your product which will increase your direct sales tremendously!


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