Successful Strategies for Making Your Next Show a Hit

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Want to succeed in direct sales through home parties and shows? Then make sure your hostess and her guests have a great time! Build a reputation for hosting fun, entertaining and informative shows and you’ll keep your booking calendar full all year long.

Here are some things you can do to ensure the best home parties possible for your direct sales business. Mix them up and use the ones you’re comfortable and the ones that get a good response from your circle of customers and hostesses for the best results.

• Play 2-3 Games

There are hundreds of possible games you can play. Consider Custom Bingo (using words related to your direct sales business), warm-up and get acquainted games, and many others.

Ask other direct sales consultants for ones they use. Search online for “direct sales games” or go to the library and check out a book on indoor games. Adapt as needed and offer lots of prizes!

• Hold a Door Prize Drawing

Create a simple drawing slip with the contact’s full name, address, phone number and email along with a couple of simple checkboxes like “I’d love to book a show in my home” or “I’m interested in owning a business of my own.” Have every guest fill out a form and draw a winner at the end for a nice (inexpensive) prize.

• Let Your Hostess Do the Demonstration

Ask your hostess if she has ever used your products before. If not, select a guest who has and have her to help with your demonstration. If you sell make-up, have her put it on  herself or a guest. If you sell home decor, have her make an arrangement for you. If you sell candles, have her select her favorite scent and describe the mood it creates. And so on…

• Make a Custom Word Find Game

Use words associated with your direct sales business and make a word find game. Word finds are simple to make and fun to solve. Use the free online tool at Armored Penguin to create a custom puzzle that you can print and copy for your shows. Be sure to give a prize to the first one to find all the words.

• Provide Child Care

Many women would love to host or attend a home party, but often find it difficult to find a babysitter. If you have a teenager or two in your life, hire them to care for the kids in another room, a basement or the back yard while  your show is going on. You can bet that the next time your hostess wants to book a home party, she’ll think of you and your excellent customer service!

• Host a Theme Party

Go for a summer barbecue, a pampering spa party, an upbeat dance party, even a modified costume party! Whatever you choose, get your hostess involved in the planning and make it an all out event focused on fun. It’s sure to be a success.

Whichever strategies you use at your home parties, have fun yourself. You’ll become known as the direct sales representative who hosts the best parties, which will ensure your direct sales business is a raging success!


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