10 Reasons to Use Twitter to Build Your Direct Sales Business

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Unless you’re Bill O’Reilly, you’ve probably heard of twitter, and maybe even use it already to promote your direct sales business. If so, you’ve certainly discovered what a tremendous networking tool this can be!

But if you’re new to twitter, or haven’t signed up yet, here are ten reasons you may want to do so before the day’s over. Using twitter can be an extremely profitable way to build your direct sales business at no additional cost.

1. You can post a link to your website on your profile. While it may not be indexed by Google, since the pages have a nofollow tag, it does draw visitors to your site when twitterers visit to learn who you are.

2. You can brand your name. Offering free advice and information, rather than only advertising your business, will help build trust among your followers and help brand your name by making it recognizable to your followers. Then, when people need what it is you have to offer, they’ll think of you and your sales will increase naturally.

3. As long as you go about it the right way, you can promote your business on twitter. You can post (up to 140 characters) about new blog entries, sales you’re holding, coupons you just released, hostess goodies you offer, benefits of doing business with you rather than other reps in your company, and more. Just don’t abuse the privilege or people will unfollow you. And add some useful non-advertising content in the mix.

4. Get your questions answered. Send out a twit (a post on twitter) with any question you may have. You’ll get lots of answers from a variety of perspectives.

5. Get input on your new website design or blog post. Let your twitter friends know what you need and they’ll give you an honest opinion, typically filtered with kindness and respect.

6. Expand your circle of influence. The interaction on twitter promotes online friendships and valuable networking. Recommending those you follow to others encourages them to do the same for you. And you can quickly and easily build a twitter full of loyal followers who’ll listen to what you have to say.

7. Twitter is also a tremendous place to find new knowledge on a variety of subjects. Just as tweeps (people on twitter) will learn from you, you can learn from hundreds of others in your field of direct sales or in other, totally unrelated, fields. The potential is truly unlimited.

8. Build your direct sales team. For direct sales consultants who are recruiting, twitter can be invaluable. Post that you’re looking for additional consultants and direct people to your website for more information. It’s an easy, painless way to offer your business opportunity to prospective consultants.

9. Use twitter to announce new products. Many people are online searching for things they want to buy. Letting them know when you offer something new can draw added sales to your business.

10. Announce upcoming events, sales meetings, seminars, shows and more through twitter. You may or may not get people who are interested in attending, but if nothing else, it lets them know what’s going on in your business and keeps you in the forefront of their minds. That’s a great place to be when you’re trying to brand yourself as the consultant for your particular direct sales company.

While this doesn’t cover all the ins and outs of twitter, and while you may not understand all the twitter-ese unless you already use twitter, hopefully, you can see the potential for growing and building a thriving direct sales business using this free and popular social network phenomena.


One Response to “10 Reasons to Use Twitter to Build Your Direct Sales Business”

  1. Shanni says:
    May 28th, 2009 11:58 am

    Funny, I Use Twitter To Market For These Exact Same Reasons

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