13 Recruiting Tips to Help Your Team Grow

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When you work with a direct sales team you need to come up with ways to help them recruit people to their teams. Sometimes you can use the same techniques over and over again and you’ll find that your crew will continue to grow. Sometimes that isn’t the case and you need to come up with new and creative ways to make this happen.

Here are 13 tips that’ll help you grow your team.

1. New recruits are usually very excited about starting out. When this happens you need to make sure you’re there for them all the way. Help them stay excited by working with them to grow and expand.

2. Encourage your recruits when they are down. Maybe they have experienced a few no’s all in a row and this can bring them down. When this happens you run the risk of losing them. When you encourage them and show them how to get out of the rut, they’ll feel better and when that next yes comes along they’ll thank you over and over for getting them through the rut.

3. Continually check in with your recruits. Call or email them at least once a week to make sure things are going good and answer any questions they may have.

4. Set up a team call once a month. This can be for your leaders or for any and all people in your downline. You might consider two calls a month. Do one for your direct line and then do one for everyone on your team. Encourage your team to attend and then answer questions, help with problems, and show them you care.

5. Stay in constant communication with your team. Share your Yahoo Messenger screen name with them, share your cell phone or Skype information with them, and give them your email so they can contact you at any time with questions or concerns they may have.

6. Share your business hours with your team and make sure they understand that you only work during these hours. You might have to be a little lenient at times when you have a new recruit, but encourage them to work during your hours if possible.

7. Show your team how to grow through marketing. Show them how to use social media, forums, and other online advertising to grow their business.

8. Share tips and tricks you have learned to grow their business. These can include a newsletter, flyers, and business cards. You can share online and offline tips with your team.

9. Share new information you learn. This new information may come from someone else or it may come from you. You may learn this information from a teleseminar you were a part of or you may have attended a local networking group. Sharing with your team will help everyone grow.

10. Create a team training site and offer training to your team. This may come from YouTube video’s, pre-recorded calls, or live calls.

11. If the company you work with offers weekly or monthly specials, find a way to remind your team about these. Creating a newsletter or email that reminds each of your team members about this will help them remind their team and customers as well.

12. Remind your team members to send out cards or emails to their recruits or potential recruits or customers for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Gather this information and create a spreadsheet or Rolodex with it, so it’ll be easy to access.

13. Encourage your recruits on a regular basis. When you continue to encourage them, they’ll continue to grow because they’ll want to make you happy and they’ll want to hear the great things you’ll say when they do.

These 13 tips will help you grow your team. Recruiting others is the only way to grow, so you must do it in a way that will help you continue to grow week after week. Use these tips and ones you can come up on your own to help your team. you’ll have great success and so will your downline.


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