Three Successful Direct Sales Training Techniques

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When you’re in direct sales leadership, training your team is everything. That’s what helps you and your team grow and build successful businesses. When you grow, you’ll each be able to take your businesses to the next level and that’s what it’s all about.

There are a number of ways you can offer training to your recruits. Maybe you’ve considered some of these, or maybe you haven’t. But all of them are easy to implement and some of these ideas can be accessed online by your recruits when they have the time.

With the ability to grow your business online and have recruits from all over the country, using different training methods is a must because of location and time differences. Here are a few of the many training tools you can implement.

1. YouTube

When you hold training locally, record it and then upload it as a video on YouTube. When you create your video, you’ll receive an embedding code unique to your video that you can use to add the video to your website. You can also send your recruits the direct link and they can watch the video right from the YouTube site.

Any type of training session can be recorded and uploaded via YouTube. The more you training offer, the better off you’ll be and the more you and your team will grow. In direct sales, one of the fastest ways to grow your business is by building a team of other successful consultants. The best way to do this is to show them the latest and greatest techniques they can use. It’s a win-win situation all around.

2. MP3

Typically, direct sales business owners work their businesses when they do because that’s the only time they have. Because of family obligations, outside jobs, children to raise and more, direct sales consultants often have to squeeze in moments to build their business.

When you do training sessions where your team has to attend at a set time, it can take away time that they can use to grow their businesses. But recording your training sessions and offering them as MP3 files, allows team members to download the files to their computers or iPods and listen when they can.

Providing this training method gives team members the ability to listen to the training while they wash dishes, vacuum the floor, or drive the kids to events. Providing this freedom will help your team members learn and grow on their own time. That’s a huge benefit for them.

3. PDF or PowerPoint Presentations

When you offer a PDF or PowerPoint option to your recruits, you’ll be giving them the ability to print the training documents and have them readily available to refer back to.

This option can come in especially handy at a home party or other event when a questions arises that your recruit may not know how to answer. Printing out the documents you provide and placing them in a three-ring notebook that she can take with her will be prove extremely beneficial to your team members.

The three techniques listed here are just a few of the many options you have when to offer training for your recruits. When you keep them informed and give them valuable information they can use, your team will grow and in turn, your business will grow. This is important for the entire team. A stagnant team that isn’t growing will start to die.

Consider all your training options and choose the ways you can best help your specific team. Offer them all the knowledge you can and ask for suggestions so you can offer them what they want individually. If someone makes a suggestion, more than likely, other team members would use that resource as well.

Helping others is the best way to grow your direct sales business. Not only will your team grow, but you will as well. That’s the purpose behind your business, so give your team everything they need to succeed and your own success will follow.


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