7 Responses to Common Objections in Direct Sales

Written by Nicole Dean

If you’ve been in direct sales any length of time or have held at least one show, you have probably already heard at least two or three objections. Don’t ya just love the excuses reasons people come up with as to why they don’t want to buy your product, host a party or join the company?

You’ve probably heard most of them but, do you know how to deal with them? Are you equipped to answer their questions well enough to satisfy their fear? Here are some “nuggets” for you to try next time you encounter an objection.

Common Objection #1 -I can’t afford to buy anything right now.

And in these tough economical times, that is probably very true. The easiest, and best way to overcome this objection is to tell them about the amazing discount or free products they will receive for having a show of their own. If you’ve coached your hostess properly ahead of time, then she should be talking about the free product or gifts she’s receiving just for having a few friends over. Free product and discounts is the number one reason most hostesses have a show.
If they don’t want to have a show of their own, another thing you can offer to them is having them purchase one item at a time. Say they want an entire set, and the set is $150. It’s typically cheaper to buy the set at once than it is to buy each piece separately, but if she can’t shell out $150 at once, suggest she buy them separately. Or suggest the opposite; show her how much she will save by purchasing the set all at once as opposed to purchasing them separately. The idea is to give your customer options. The more options she has, the easier it will be for her to say yes to one of them and make a purchase.

Common Objection #2 –No one ever comes to my shows

The best response to this is to let your potential hostess know that you will help her get her friends to her show. Help her get the invitations out in the mail, make phone calls, send email, etc. Some people really do need hand holding and guidance. Remember, your success depends on her success, and you will always be more successful when you help someone else be successful. Don’t be afraid to guide someone along who really needs the extra hand.

Common Objection #3 -I never have good enough sales to get the hostess gift I really wanted

Again, encourage your hostesses to get those outside orders by placing enough brochures and order forms in her hands. Outside sales really boost the overall party sales. Place in her hands a list of people she might not normally think of to invite or to get outside sales from. You can easily make one up on your computer and some direct sales companies have them premade for you. Use the tools your company provides; usually they’ve been tried and proven to increase sale and profits. Let her know you will help her be a better hostess by giving her tips and instructions on what to do and say before, during and after the show. Coaching your hostesses is one of the best ways to increase sales.

Common Objection #4 -I don’t have time to have a show for you

Tell her you understand how busy she is and that’s exactly why you chose her. It’s proven that busy people are the ones that get things done. Have her get her calendar and show her how little time she will have to invest in order to get the products she wants for free. Always show why being a hostess is going to benefit them, not you, and let her know you are here for her, to help her succeed!

Common Objection #5 -I don’t the money to invest in starting a business right now

Some direct sales companies offer the kit if they hold a certain number of show to pay for it. The best way to respond to this is by asking when they think they would be able to have the money and to offer saving suggestions to help them come up with the money. If they are truthful and really are interested in joining the company, they will most likely follow your instructions and work toward gathering up the money somehow, someway. Some suggestions you can use for saving money are: foregoing that cappuccino or latte` everyday, taking a sack lunch instead of eating out, skipping their weekly night out and putting that money away, at least until they’ve raised enough to purchase the start up kit. Encourage them by gently reminding them that they are starting a new business which takes time, effort and money and that you are there to help them succeed.

Common Objection #6 -I am not a good sales person

A good response to this one is, “Either am I!” And that’s the honest to goodness truth. You don’t have to be a “sales” person to sell something you love and believe in and hopefully you are approaching only people with the business plan who truly love and believe in the product. Remind them that just being who they are, being open and honest about their experience with the product is the best way to sell it. They don’t have to use any fancy sales talk, just be themselves. Always, always remind them that you are there to help them succeed in their business!

Common Objection #7 -I don’t have time to start or run a business

How much time do you actually invest in your business? Are you in it part time? Did you start out part time and built it up to a full time career? Were you working another full time job when you started out and now are working your direct sales full time and your other job part time? Let your potential new recruit in on how you’ve gotten where you are today. Perhaps you are just starting out too, so let your recruit know how you are using your valuable time to reach your goals and dreams and how she can do the same. Besides, she wouldn’t have asked you about the opportunity if she wasn’t at least curious.

Don’t let objections that you can’t overcome stop you from pressing forward to reaching your goals and dreams. You may know that certain hostess would be a great recruit, but she truly doesn’t have the time, and perhaps she simply doesn’t have the desire. Its okay let it go. Just be there for her when she changes her mind in the future. You don’t want to destroy any chance of having her join your team by being too pushy. Some people simply need more time.

In direct sales there will always be objections, but if you are honest with your customers, hostesses and recruits about how and why you are successful, how much time you actually spend working your business and help them be organized and good managers of their time, then they will trust you and they will help your business succeed because their business is succeeding.


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