Frugal Party Theme: Hobo Holiday

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You may be too young to remember how romantic the life of a hobo seemed to people at one time. The idea of being able to travel wherever you wanted, never have to work and simply enjoy life was a dream to many. Hobos were the forerunners to today’s homeless, yet hobos often chose their lifestyle, and there was just something attractive about their freedom.

Hobos had a look of their own. They often donned worn out clothing with colorful patches, old hats, and shoes with holes. They always – in the dreamer’s eye, at least – carried a “pack,” which was simply a large bandana or other cloth tied to the end of a stick and filled with all their worldly goods.

If you like parties and you love the idea of “dressing up,” you’ll love hosting a Hobo Holiday! It’s simple, inexpensive, and a lot of fun for everyone involved. This makes a great Halloween Alternative for churches as well as an easy all-occasion party.

THEME: A party where everyone dresses up like a hobo, plays games, shares stories, and enjoys some simple food.

INVITATIONS: Include a graphic of a hobo carrying his pack on the front (you can find several by searching online for “free hobo clipart”). Include the party details (Where and When the party will be held, How to get there, What to bring or not to bring, etc.) on the inside.

DECORATIONS: Few decorations are needed since the idea of a Hobo Holiday is simplicity itself.This is one party that is best held outdoors, and ideally, in the evening when it’s cool. Include a safe place for a campfire and place some large rocks or tree stumps around the fire ring to serve as seats.

PARTY FAVORS: Possibilities include bright bandanas for everyone, or a Polaroid photo of each guest. Again, the entire theme is simplicity so elaborate favors aren’t necessary.

FOOD: Serve Hobo Stew. You, as host, provide the meat (chunks of beef stew meat are best), and everyone else brings a can of something to “throw in the pot” (green beans, corn, potatoes, etc.). Make coffee and iced tea to drink. Include thick slices of Italian or French bread and a simple cake (unfrosted is great), or cookies.

GAMES AND ACTIVITIES: A Hobo Holiday works best in the evening so you can enjoy the campfire. Campfire conversations, and sitting around the campfire telling stories are part of the charm. If you know someone who plays a harmonica or guitar, invite them to bring it and lead in simple songs. You can also play games such as Charades that don’t require props or game pieces.

A Hobo Holiday is a lot of fun for a very small price. And it works well for all ages. Even senior adults can dress up as hobos and enjoy the simple activities. Add other creative ideas of your own to make this a great party for everyone you invite.


2 Responses to “Frugal Party Theme: Hobo Holiday”

  1. mckenzie says:
    October 18th, 2009 6:39 pm

    that is sooooooooooo cool i am going to have a hobo thanks giving well dress up and do the hobo stew thing and then we will draw crazy names to be our hobo names some could end up as crazy as hairy scary cardboard larry and then we will sleep in tents.

  2. melissa ferro says:
    October 18th, 2009 7:28 pm

    Hello I want to say that my mother and I have a cookie swap each year and we do a theme each yaer as well this one we have picked this year thank for the ideas

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