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Every year frugal moms struggle to come up with creative, yet inexpensive, gift ideas for everyone from family members to neighbors, teachers and coaches to mail carriers and delivery persons. Some people have comfortably settled into giving the same thing each year such as an aunt’s fruitcake or a friend’s crochet slippers.

These ideas are for the rest of us who find it hard to generate new ideas every year and who aren’t comfortable giving the same thing every time.

• An eye mask for a friend who works nights and sleeps days.

• Bubble bath is a pampering gift. Add a bath pillow for added luxury.

• Coffee mugs filled with candy, pens and pencils, tea bags, or other small items work well for anyone but are especially nice for co-workers.

• Ear plugs for the swimmer in your life. Be sure to include a neat little carry-case.

• Games such as pick-up sticks, cards, Old Maid, dominoes, Uno are great for kids of all ages.

• Magnetic notepads and a magnet-backed pencil for the refrigerator.

• Puzzles such as jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, word search, and others are good for shut-ins or people who have a lot of time on their hands.

• Travel kits can be customized for men or women with lotions, hairspray, deodorant, shaving cream, soap, bath mitts, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, hand sanitizer and more.

• Wind chimes make a melodious gift (pun intended!).

• You can’t go wrong with a key chain, especially for people you don’t know that well. Choose something that fits their occupation, one that makes them laugh or inspires them.

Handmade items are always a hit! Possibilities include:

• An Amish Friendship Bread starter in a nice jar is great for the bakers in your life.

• A pound of fudge or a tin of cookies are traditional gifts that are still well-received today.

• A quart-size canning jar can be filled with a variety of things such as jawbreakers, jelly beans, gum balls, red hots, marbles, buttons, miniature cars, toy soldiers.

• Canned items make wonderful gifts for those who don’t can. Options include jams, jellies and preserves, salsa, soups, barbecue sauce, vegetables, sauerkraut, pickles, relishes and more.

• Compile a family cookbook, print, three-hole punch and place in a 1″ binder that allows you to insert a custom cover.

• Consider a small tote bag in a bright or flashy color, or a set of zipper cases to carry in an existing tote.

• Fill large tins with caramel or cheese flavored popcorn.

• Gift in a jar mix ideas are unlimited! Hundreds of recipes can be found online to make soups, cookies, cakes and more. Fill a quart-size, wide-mouthed jar with the dry ingredients, add the recipe, and tie with a ribbon.

• Handmade candles, soap, bath bombs, or bubble bath make wonderful gifts. And you can make enough in one batch to meet most of your shopping needs.

• Homemade potpourri is much nicer than any you can buy. Fill a bag, tie with a ribbon, and include a list of ingredients.

• Insert a popsicle stick into crispy rice cereal treats, dip in melted almond bark, place inside a sandwich bag and tie with a ribbon.

• Mix up dry seasonings for dips, dressings, etc., put them in a small zipper bag, make a topper on the computer and staple to the top.

• Padded clothes hangers. Cover with fabric and stuff to make them puffy, or crochet a cover to protect expensive clothing.

• Print coloring pages, mazes, word games and other printables from the computer and fill a three-ring binder for the kids.

• Sachets to make a closet or drawer smell fresh.

• Smelly jellies (scented gel in a small canning jar), or gel candles are easy to make and very popular.

Also consider these quick ideas:

• A Bible
• Assorted chocolates
• Brooch or lapel pin
• Earrings
• Floral bouquet
• Gourmet coffee or tea
• Photo frames

Good gifts always show the thought that went into creating or buying them, so use your imagination and make or purchase gifts that have a little bit of your personality in them. The recipient will be sure to love what you give!


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