Launching a Website to Improve Your Direct Sales

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Just about every business today has a website, and there’s a very good reason for it! When your direct sales business is online, you instantly have access to millions of people. This is something you can’t do through parties or cold calling.

But many people still shy away from launching their own website because they think that you have to be technological savvy or know their way around computer programming. That may have once been the case, but the good news is that today, anyone can have her own website. Even if you’ve never heard of Metatags, SEO, or HTML code before in your life, you can have a site!

Here’s how to make money from your direct sales with your own website.

The first thing you’ll need to know, of course, is how to actually launch your site. If you know much about the Internet and anything about programming or coding, this will be a cinch. But it’s easy even if you don’t have that knowledge. All you really need to do is find a great domain name for your site and find a website host. Most hosting companies will now set up your entire website for you.

Then, you just go in and enter content and information about your company and your products and post anything about your company that you want your customers to know.

So, what should put on your new site?

One of the most obvious things you can include on your own website is information about the products you sell. Post pictures and prices as well as detailed descriptions of each product. If you have a lot of products you want to sell on your site, you can group them into different sections. This will make it easier for your customers to find their way around and make it easier for you to keep everything organized.

Another great idea is to suggest other products when someone looks at something similar. For instance, if you sell body care products, post a suggestion for facial moisturizer underneath and on the same page as the body lotion. This will not only get you more sales but it will also remind customers what else they might need. And it will help them keep you in mind for future purchases if they don’t need the items right then.

But you don’t even need to sell anything on your website in order to profit from it. Your website is a great place to advertise your business. Post all your party dates, several ways to contact you, and even general information about your products. Imagine how much many responses you’ll get by posting info on your website rather than just tacking up flyers at the grocery store. (Although having a website is no reason to stop doing these things either!)

Don’t worry that not having product on your website means you won’t make money from it. If you have a successful website, you can make money from it even without a single product listed. Do this through advertising. Use programs such as Google AdSense or sell advertising on your site. This is a whole new way to make money for your direct sales business!

Owning and maintaining a website doesn’t take much time. And when you find how it increases the profits for your direct sales business, both by selling more product and by selling advertising on your site, you’ll wonder why you didn’t launch one sooner… even if you don’t know a thing about being a webmaster!


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