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Frugal moms, like everyone else, want to look as beautiful as they can, especially when money is tight. Looking beautiful gives a woman confidence that keeps her energetic and productive. But how can we look our best when money is tight and we can’t afford to buy top of the line beauty products? It’s actually easier than you think! You certainly don’t have to spend a fortune to look good.

Baby wipes are an amazing creation. And if you have small children it’s almost guaranteed that you will always have these little wonders at hand. But they’re good for more than just cleaning sticky fingers and removing ice cream from chins… they’re also wonderful cleansing wipes for your face or to wipe off stray eye shadow blotches or powder dust. Sensitive skin or fragrance-free wipes are even delicate enough to be used for eye make-up remover.

You can extend the life of lip gloss to save money. Simply fill a cup with boiling water and drop in your pot of gloss. Let sit for about 30 minutes. When you remove from water, it appears to have “magically” expanded and you have more gloss left! This works because lip gloss tends to sticks to the sides of the container and really only needs a little coaxing to make it usable again.

When you do finally run out of gloss, you can make your own. And it’s a lot easier than you may think. Mix a small amount of petroleum jelly (Vaseline)–that you can buy just about anywhere–with a dab of powdered eye shadow or blush in a color you like. Use a lip brush to apply.

While most of us use curling irons instead of curlers, there are some who still prefer to curl their hair the “old-fashioned” way. If you’re one of those frugal moms, you don’t need to spend a fortune on curlers. Instead improvise and use something you already have around the house such as strips of fabric, newspaper, brown paper bags or even cardboard paper towel rolls cut in strips. Anything that can be held in place on your head with a bobby pin will work.

Instead of spending a small fortune on facials, head to the refrigerator and grab an egg. Carefully separate the whites (put the yolk aside you’ll be using that later) and whisk until frothy. Cover your face with the egg whites and let dry. Once dry, wash with lukewarm water and pat dry. Now break the yolk and massage into your face. Egg yolk has excellent moisturizing properties. Rinse lightly and enjoy your fresh feeling, younger looking skin.

You can save money on a haircut by visiting a local beauty school. Or if you don’t have a school nearby, ask around and see if you can find a recent graduate. They’re often cheaper because of their lack of experience but are typically very conscientious to do a good job. Another option is to look for coupons for haircuts, or see if an area salon is offering a discount for students, seniors, etc. for which you may qualify.

One of the best things you can do to look more beautiful… Relax! Stress not only puts a strain on your emotions, but it shows in your face as well! Smile. Think happy thoughts and let your radiance shine through.


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