Making Room in Your Budget for Some Frugal Summer Fun

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Keeping yourself and your family amused throughout the summer when you’re on a tight budget can be increasingly difficult, but certainly not impossible. Here are some tips on how to budget frugally and leave a little money in the cookie jar for fun and frolicing:

• Don’t waste your money buying expensive books from a book store, instead visit your local library. All you have to do is join, which is usually a simple procedure. Once you’re a full-fledged member all you have to do is pick out some books you fancy reading and it won’t cost you a penny. Also, don’t forget that most libraries aren’t limited to books these days, but are also wonderful places to find DVDs and CDs.

• Thrift Stores are a frugal mom’s paradise and are an excellent haven for cheap second-hand DVDs, CDs and games. The most exciting thing is that you never know what you might find, and you are bound to find some nice bargains!

• Check out your local cinema. These days the majority of cinemas have different prices for different times of the day, and many even have one day of the week that is a bargain day. And, if you happen to have a cell phone on Orange’s network, you’re already eligible for their “Orange Wednesdays” offer that entitles you and a friend to go see anything you want on any Wednesday and only one of you will have to pay (or you could also be nice and split the cost!)

• During the summer, many local newspapers include offers for local theme parks, museums and attractions, so be sure to check them all and see what’s available. The offers are generally two for the price of one, or a free child’s admission with a full paying adult.

• Check the “bargain bin” in local stores. These are usually great places to find DVDs and CDs at incredibly discounted prices. They might not be “Disney quality,” but if it keeps the kids quiet for a couple of hours, everyone is happy.

• Take the family to the local park for a picnic. Everyone loves a picnic! Just make sure you include everyone’s favourite healthy snacks, a cheap Frisbee that you can pick up from your local dollar store if needed, and you’ve got cheap entertainment that will last for hours.

• Brush the dust off the bikes and take the kids out into nature for a family bike ride. Make sure you pack the kids’ backpacks with note books and pens so that they can write about, draw pictures of and collect anything they find. Make up games where they have to find certain objects, for example anything green or anything square. Or maybe you can all see how many different types of flowers or leaves you find.

• Check out your local arts and crafts shop. Give each of the children a little money to spend, or let them bring their own, and have the gather everything they’ll need to complete their own craft project. This could be anything from painting to making cards or even their own jewelry. Many craft shops have bargain bins that selling a variety of odds and ends. These are definitely worth a look.

• Check to see if your local arts and craft shop runs free classes that teach children how to make things. These classes are always fun and teach kids many valuable lessons and skills. Most classes also include allowing the child to take something they’ve made home with them, completely free so charge, so they’re always worth looking for.


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