Party Games to Increase Direct Sales Bookings

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Looking for some fun for your next direct sales party? Play a game or two! Here are some simple games that will fit most any theme party or direct sales product line.

Hostess Raffle
Using an old catalog, cut out a picture of something you have on hand to give away. Choose something with a decent price. Place the picture in the middle of a small piece of poster board (11″ x 14″ works well). Divide the board into squares (as many as you want, but at least 50 or so). Number each square. Hostesses earn squares on the board in a variety of ways:
• Hosting a party
• $250 Party
• $500 Party
• $1,000 Party
• A Referral who becomes a consultant
• Every booking from a party
• A catalog party
• $100 in outside orders before a live party

Add other ways to earn as you wish. Set an ending date about six weeks out and keep your hostesses informed. Promote this at every party and tell all former hostesses about it. This is a great way to build your bookings.

Hostess of the Month

Offer a special gift (maybe something discontinued or that is unavailable any other time) to your hostess who has the highest amount in retail sales during a specific month. Use this during slow times to encourage more bookings.

Hostess Scavenger Hunt

Get your hostess in the party spirit with a Hostess Scavenger Hunt! Here is a list of different types of people. Give this to every hostess and if she can get 10 of these to her party, she earns a special gift. Of course, each person can only count for one category.

• A good friend
• A dieter
• A relative
• Someone who wears size 9 shoes
• A grandmother
• A babysitter
• A co-worker
• Someone who lives in an apartment
• Someone with an RV
• A former co-worker
• Someone with red hair
• A direct sales consultant for another company
• A neighbor
• Someone who wears contacts
• A cat lover
• A mom of three
• Someone who lives in a duplex
• A childhood friend
• Someone who lives in a mobile home
• An expectant mother
• A Sunday School teacher
• Someone with only daughters
• A secretary
• Someone with only sons
• A bowler
• A teacher
• Someone who drives a station wagon
• Someone who drives a green car
• Someone who just moved
• A hairstylist
• Someone who blogs

Auction Party

Use an auction party to increase bookings as well as sales. Make some play money and have at least two prizes for every five party guests on hand and wrapped so guests don’t know what’s inside.

Distribute money to guests as follows:
• $100 for Attendance
• $100 for Bringing a friend
• $100 for Placing an order
• $200 for Placing an order over $40
• $200 for Booking a party
• $500 for Becoming a consultant

After the product demonstration and after everyone has placed their orders, begin the auction with the highest bidder winning each item.


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  1. Renee says:
    May 20th, 2009 12:01 pm

    I love this. Thanks so much for sharing such valuable information. I know this will take my business to the next level.

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