Sample Scripts to Help You Book Parties & Recruit Consultants

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New direct sales consultants often struggle with what to say when they approach people to book a party, become a consultant, or even place an order. That’s why veteran direct sales consultants have learned to use scripts! Having a script helps you know in advance what you’ll say so you can focus on being yourself while still getting your point across.

A script doesn’t have to be rigid, nor should it be! Make it your own, adlib, and be yourself. These ideas for scripts for various circumstances will help you prepare your next “speech” and give you the confidence to work your business like you want to without worrying about what you should say!

• New Business Kick-Start Dialogue

Hi_________, this is____________, and I’m really excited about something! Do you have just a minute? Cool! I don’t know if I had told you, but I just started my own ___________________ [company] business helping others _______________ [benefit such as “care for their skin,” or “prepare healthy meals for their families,” or “create a warmer environment in their homes”]. During my initial start-up, I’m offering 20 people the opportunity to book a home party to help me get the business off to a solid start. I could really use your help! Would you invite a few of your friends to a ____________________ party and allow me to give you a special gift as a thank you? I don’t know about you, but I love to receive gifts! If you’ll grab your calendar, we can go ahead and set a date right now. What day of the week would you prefer?

• Tentative Booking

A lot of times a party guest will tell you she would like to book a party, but isn’t sure she can because of her schedule, or her friends’ schedules, etc. When that happens, here’s your script:

Why don’t we do this, _____________. If you go ahead and book tonight, the hostess will get credit for your booking–if we wait, she may not. So, let’s go ahead and set a tentative date and if we need to change it later we can. How’s that?

As soon as the tentative is date it ceases to be tentative because you can then coach your hostess to turn this into a firm date and ensure a party!

• Party Booking Approach 1

At every party I hold, I always look for a couple of guests who seem the most likely to become future hostesses. Today, I’ve selected you because [compliment such as: you look like you’re really enjoying yourself, you seem to really like our products]. Is there any reason you couldn’t open your home one evening and allow your friends and family to come over for a party? Of course, you’d get some great gifts. You’d be a terrific hostess!

• Party Booking Approach 2

_________, at every party I hold I choose two guests I’d love to work with. Today you’re my first choice! You have been the most exciting person here. And I love to work with exciting people! Let’s book a party so you can open your home to a few of your friends and earn some great gifts! I would love to work with you, _________. You obviously had a great time this evening. Would a Tuesday or Thursday be better for you?

• Thank You Gift Order Approach

You’ve been [so helpful, so thoughtful, so supportive]! As my way of saying thank you, I have a small gift for you. I’m a consultant with _________________ and I would love to give you a $5 gift certificate. You can host a party and earn more free gifts while you’re at it! Or I can just bring a catalog by for you to browse through. If you’ll just just jot down your name and number, I’ll call you in a couple days to set a date and time for you to spend your certificate. [Have a business card or appointment card, and pen ready]

Call two days later to confirm and say:

Hi __________, this is _________, with ______________. We met the other day at _______. Thank you, again, for ____________. I wanted to call and confirm a time for you to spend your gift certificate. Grab your calendar and let’s set a date! You know, if you invite a few friends over, you can earn those free gifts I mentioned. Would you prefer to do that or go one-on-one? That’s great! Will Tuesday or Thursday work best for you?

• Booking a Catalog Party

If you have a potential hostess who lives in another town, someone you’ve meet online, or someone who doesn’t really want to host a party in her home, have her schedule a catalog party.

__________, how would you like to earn some free products without having a home party? Cool! You just take orders from your family and friends over the next week and you’ll earn the same amount of free products as you would if you hosted the party in your home. You can send an email and invite people to order on my website, and you can take catalogs and order forms with you to work as well. Let’s get started!

• Booking a Recruiting Interview

I recently decided to move into leadership in my _________________ business, and I am so excited! The first thing I need to do is choose five other people who love the products just like I do, and I thought of you. You’re so [compliment: outgoing, sharp, exciting, fun to be around]! Can I take just a couple minutes to share the information about our career opportunity with you? You may or may not be interested, I understand. But I would appreciate it if we could we just sit down and let me share the facts with you and get your opinion? Thank you! We could do this one on one at your home, or if you prefer, you could come to an open house I’m having in my home on Monday and hear all about the company there. We’ll play a couple games, talk, have coffee and then I’ll share about the company for just a few minutes. Which would you prefer?

Of course, any time you use a script, you want to make it sound like you. Never use a script word-for-word, but choose the one that is closest to your own personal style and adapt it as needed. Practice it until you are completely comfortable with it, then get on the phone and get busy making it work to build your business!

Party Games to Increase Direct Sales Bookings

Looking for some fun for your next direct sales party? Play a game or two! Here are some simple games that will fit most any theme party or direct sales product line.

Hostess Raffle
Using an old catalog, cut out a picture of something you have on hand to give away. Choose something with a decent price. Place the picture in the middle of a small piece of poster board (11″ x 14″ works well). Divide the board into squares (as many as you want, but at least 50 or so). Number each square. Hostesses earn squares on the board in a variety of ways:
• Hosting a party
• $250 Party
• $500 Party
• $1,000 Party
• A Referral who becomes a consultant
• Every booking from a party
• A catalog party
• $100 in outside orders before a live party

Add other ways to earn as you wish. Set an ending date about six weeks out and keep your hostesses informed. Promote this at every party and tell all former hostesses about it. This is a great way to build your bookings.

Hostess of the Month

Offer a special gift (maybe something discontinued or that is unavailable any other time) to your hostess who has the highest amount in retail sales during a specific month. Use this during slow times to encourage more bookings.

Hostess Scavenger Hunt

Get your hostess in the party spirit with a Hostess Scavenger Hunt! Here is a list of different types of people. Give this to every hostess and if she can get 10 of these to her party, she earns a special gift. Of course, each person can only count for one category.

• A good friend
• A dieter
• A relative
• Someone who wears size 9 shoes
• A grandmother
• A babysitter
• A co-worker
• Someone who lives in an apartment
• Someone with an RV
• A former co-worker
• Someone with red hair
• A direct sales consultant for another company
• A neighbor
• Someone who wears contacts
• A cat lover
• A mom of three
• Someone who lives in a duplex
• A childhood friend
• Someone who lives in a mobile home
• An expectant mother
• A Sunday School teacher
• Someone with only daughters
• A secretary
• Someone with only sons
• A bowler
• A teacher
• Someone who drives a station wagon
• Someone who drives a green car
• Someone who just moved
• A hairstylist
• Someone who blogs

Auction Party

Use an auction party to increase bookings as well as sales. Make some play money and have at least two prizes for every five party guests on hand and wrapped so guests don’t know what’s inside.

Distribute money to guests as follows:
• $100 for Attendance
• $100 for Bringing a friend
• $100 for Placing an order
• $200 for Placing an order over $40
• $200 for Booking a party
• $500 for Becoming a consultant

After the product demonstration and after everyone has placed their orders, begin the auction with the highest bidder winning each item.

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