Preschool Alphabet Activities and Crafts

Written by Nicole Dean

by Aunt B

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By Letter

Recommended Preschool Alphabet Books

The Alphabet Room
by Sara Pinto
Starting with the simplest images-apples for A, bowls for B, cat for C-Sara Pinto has taken a magical leap in the concept of alphabet books. Each letter has a door, and behind each door the objects arrange and rearrange themselves so that with every letter the picture becomes more complex. Letter by letter, magical scenes unfold inside the room. With gentle humor and charming design, this lift-the-flap alphabet book transcends the genre to offer something truly unique.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
by Jr, Bill Martin, John Archambault, Lois Ehlert
In this bright and lively rhyme, the letters of the alphabet race each other to the top of the coconut tree. When X, Y and Z finally scramble up the trunk, however, the weight is too much, and down they all tumble in a colorful chaotic heap: “Chicka Chicka . . . BOOM! BOOM!” All the family members race to help, as one by one the letters recover in amusingly battered fashion. Poor stubbed toe E has a swollen appendage, while F sports a jaunty Band-Aid and P is indeed black-eyed. As the tropic sun goes down and a radiant full moon appears, indomitable A leaps out of bed, double-daring his colleagues to another treetop race.

Alphabet City
by Stephen T. Johnson
Beginning with the A formed by a construction site’s sawhorse and ending with the Z found in the angle of a fire escape, Johnson draws viewers’ eyes to tiny details within everyday objects to find letters. In this wordless tour of sights from Times Square to the Brooklyn Bridge, he invites young and old alike to take a new look at familiar surroundings, discovering the alphabet without ever looking in a book or reading from a sign.

Alphabet Crafts for Kids

Finger Print Alphabet Flash Cards

Card Stock
Washable Stamp Pad

Write the each letter of the alphabet on a piece of card stock using the pencil. Then have your child use their finger or thumb to make prints on the lines of the letter. Once you are done your child will have a complete set of flash cards that they created themselves.

Alphabet Scrapbook

1 Subject notebook
Old Magazines
Blunt Child Scissors or Mommy Size Scissors
Glue Stick

Have your child decorate the front of their alphabet Scrapbook. Use a marker to label each page of the scrapbook with an alphabet letter. Look in the old magazines to pictures that go with each letter, your child can cut them out or you can. Try to find multiple pictures for each letter. The more pictures the better. Glue them on to the correct page. This can be done in a one day long project or can be done over time as you learn each letter.

Letter Puzzles

Card Stock or Foamy Craft Foam
Markers or Sharpies
Blunt Child Scissors or Mommy Size Scissors

There are a couple ways to do this craft. One way is to have your child write out the alphabet on the cards stock. Next have your child cut this card stock up in to pieces. Then challenge your child to put the alphabet puzzle back together again. Another way to do this is for Mom to use a Sharpie marker and write the alphabet on a piece of Foamy Craft Foam. Then your child can cut the foam into pieces to form a puzzle. Again challenge the child to put the puzzle together again. Ask other family members to try as well. Time each other. Make it a family game.

Edible Alphabet

Alphabet Cereal
Softened Cream Cheese
Graham Cracker
Plastic Knife or Craft Stick

Have your child spread cream cheese over the graham cracker using the plastic knife or a craft stick. Next offer your child a bowl alphabet cereal and ask them to find one of the following: the letter of the day, one of each letter in the alphabet or the letters in their name. Have your child place their findings on the cream cheese graham cracker.


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