Thanksgiving Fun Preschool Theme Crafts

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Thanksgiving Preschool Theme Crafts

by Aunt B

Copyright 2004-2006 Story Soup Kids, a division of Enchanted Corner

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Thankful Chain

Items you will need:
Construction Paper (Fall Colors)
Glue or Tape or Stapler
Marker or Pen

Cut many 3 inch by 8 inch strips out of construction paper.
Have everyone finish this statement on a construction paper strip: “I am thankful for …”.
Try to think of many things you are thankful for and write on as many strips as possible.
Once all the writing is done, make a paper chain using the strips! Start by forming one of the strips into a circle and gluing/taping/staple the short ends together. Make sure the writing side is out. Take a second strip and stick it through the center of the first circle you made, and tape/ glue/ the two short ends together. Continue this until you have used all your strips.
*Stapler is only recommended for older children*
Make this a family fun night. Have the whole family work on the chain. On Thanksgiving Day after dinner when everyone is sitting around sleepy, stop and read what everyone is Thankful for.

Corn Cob Painting (fun)

Items you will need:
Corn on the cob (any size)
Tempera Paint (any color)
Paper plates
Paint Brushes
Paper to paint on
Newspaper to cover the table.
First cover you table with/ newspaper to protect it. Place a small amount of paint into paper plates. You can paint two ways roll your cob in the paint or you can take a paint brush and paint one color then another then another on your cob. This will cause a multicolor effect. (really neat)
You can make these pictures into placemats, cards or even paint on brown packaging paper
and use it as wrapping paper.

Hands of Thanks Wreath

Items you will need:
Fall color paper (red, yellow, orange, brown)
Something big and round to trace like a plate

Trace your plate on the cardboard. Trace a bowl in the middle that way you have a wreath made out of cardboard.
Trace the hands of your family, Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, etc. Cut out the hands. Glue the hands to the cardboard with/ the palms facing in. Place one hand in the middle of the bottom of the wreath with your family name on it. Write on the hands what each person in your family is thankful for on their hand.

Thanksgiving Cooking with Kids

“Blessing Mix”

Each ingredient represents something related to Thanksgiving:
Bugles corn snacks-a cornucopia
Pretzels-arms folded in prayer
Candy corn-the five kernels of corn each of the pilgrims were allotted per day during their first winter because food was so scarce
Dried fruits-Thanksgiving is the celebration of the harvest
Peanuts or sunflower seeds-seeds represent the potential of a bounteous harvest for the next season if they are planted and well-tended.

Thanksgiving Printable Games & Activities

Recommended Thanksgiving Books to read

Thanksgiving Cats
Written by: Jean Marzoll
A family of cats celebrate Thanksgiving by growing lots of vegetables, raising turkeys, making pies, preparing a feast, giving thanks and enjoying the holiday meal.

Cranberry Thanksgiving
Written by: Harry Devlin
Grandmother almost loses her secret recipe for cranberry bread to one of the guests she and Maggie invite for Thanksgiving dinner. Includes the secret recipe.

Thanksgiving Mice!
Written by: Bethany Roberts
These funny mice are putting on a holiday play about the first Thanksgiving.

Letters of the Alphabet

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by Aunt B

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Letter A

Letter A – Apple Printing

Paper Plates

Parent can cut an apple in half. Place a small amount of paint into a paper plate. Have child dip apple half into paint and make apple prints.

Paint your child’s hand green and arm brown. Make a print on paper. Next add apple prints to the hand/arm print like an apple tree.

Letter B

Letter B – Bus

Yellow Paper
Black Paper
Glue Stick

Cut out 2 black wheels and 3 small squares and 1 large square, for windows. Have your child glue them the wheels on to the bottom of the yellow paper. Next glue the small squares in a straight line at the top leaving enough room for the big square at one end. You can also cut out one small black circle for a headlight if you would like. Have your child write the word BUS on the side of the bus. If your child can not right you write it in light pencil and have your child write on top. (Added touch – round the corners of the yellow paper)

Letter C

Letter C – Cutting Cookies

Black Marker
Child Scissors
Beige Paper
Brown Paper
Glue Stick

Draw a circle with the black marker on beige paper. Draw smaller circles on brown paper. Have your child cut out the circles. The circles do NOT need to be perfect for most cookies are not perfect. Glue the brown “chocolate chips” on the beige “cookie:”

Letter D

D – Daisy Hands

White Paint
Yellow Paint
Blue Paper

Paint your child’s fingers only with white paint. Make a print on the paper of your child’s fingers. Do this again and again until you have a circle of white finger prints. Once you do on the last set of prints paint the palm of your child’s hand yellow along with the white fingers. Place the last print down and you will have a daisy.

Letter E Craft

Letter E – Egg

Water Colors
Water Color Paper
Scissors (for Parent)

Cut an egg shape out of the water color paper. Have your child water color the paper to create a Dyed Easter Egg.

Letter F

F – Feet Fun

Roll of Kraft Brown Paper (shipping paper)
Paint of Any Color
Paint Brush
Baby Wipes

Lay down the paper. Paint your child’s feet with paint. Have your child hold on to your hands as they “Walk” across the paper. They can turn around and walk back until the paint is all gone on their feet. Repeat this as many times as you want. Use baby wipes to make clean up easier. Wipe your child’s feet with them.

*You can use this paper for wrapping a gift.

Letter G

G – Grapes

Purple Paint or Ink Pad
Baby Wipes (easy clean up)

Let your child use the paint or ink to make thumb or finger prints to form a grape bunch. Use a baby wipe for quick clean up.

Letter H

H – Home/House

Large Appliance Box
Markers or Paint

Using the large appliance box let your child color or paint the walls of the box. Encourage your child to use there imagination to create a home/house out of their own box.

Letter I

I – Ice Painting

Dry Tempera Paint

Use ice to add the water to a dab or two of dry tempera paint. As the ice melts it will turn the dry paint into liquid paint. Encourage your child to mix colors using the dry paint. Talk about how the ice feels while your child paints.

Don’t have Dry Tempera Paint, try dry cool-aid.

Letter J

J – Jeans

Strips of Old Jeans (Parent should pre cut the strips)
Card Stock Cut out of the letter J

Glue strips of jeans to the J shape to create a jean J.

Letter K

K – Key Chime

Old Keys
Fishing Line
Hanger or Pipe

Using the old keys help your child tie pieces of the fishing line to the keys. Tie the other end of the fishing line to the hanger or pipe. Be sure to hang them at different lengths but close enough to hit each other to create the “chime.”

Letter L

L –Ladybugs

Black Crayon
Red Crayon
2 Small Paper Plate
Black Circle Sticker (labels)
1 Brad

Have your child color one paper plate red and one black. Next place the black sticker circle labels on the red paper plate. Once done, cut the red paper plate in half, using the brad, connect the three pieces (one whole plate and 2 half plates) at the top of one the whole plate. This will leave you with a lady bug with wings that can open and close.

Letter M

M – Marble Painting

Box – (AVON box lid works great)
Paint Any Color

Place paper in the box and dip a drop or 2 of paint on the paper. Place the marble into the lid and tilt the box back and forth to get the marble to roll around. You can add more colors to create different colors. Try golf balls for a different look.

*Option for 2 and Under*
Use a Cool Whip container to hold a small piece of paper, paint and a marble. Let your child shack the container all around. You will get the same turn out.

Letter N

N – Noodle Paint

Spaghetti Noodles
Linguini Noodles
Lasagna Noodles

Cook the noodles, let them cool, dip the noodle into paint and drag it across the paper. Each noodle will leave a different print.

You can do this with uncooked noodles it is just harder to handle.

Letter O

O – Octopus

Paint Brush
Baby Wipes (easy clean up)
Googly Eyes

Paint only the fingers and a palm NO THUMB of your child’s hands. Make a print of your child hands with the palms on top of one another. This will give you a print with 8 fingers sticking out. Just like legs to an octopus. Add some googly eyes and you have a silly octopus.

Letter P

P – Pickle Painting

Large and Small Pickles
Knife (for Parent Use)
Small Plates

Parent should cut the tip of the pickle off and place that open end down into paint that you have placed on to a small paper plate. Next encourage your child to pick up the pickle and make prints on his plate with it. If you feel like making a mess have your child roll a pickle in paint then roll it on paper.

Letter Q

Q – Queen

Construction Paper
Glue Stick
Child Scissors

Give your child a square 4 x 4 piece of paper and help your child round the corners. This will be your Queen’s face. Next give your child a rectangle piece of paper and have them cut V’s out of the long side of the rectangle. This will create a Crown for your Queen. Next have your child cut long strips of paper for hair to go onto your Queen. Once you have all the parts have your child glue together a Queen using markers to create the face.

Letter R

R – Pet Rock

Large Rock
Googly Eyes

Take the large rock and paint it. Use markers to draw on a face. Glue the googly eyes and use yarn for the pet rock’s tail.

Letter S

S – Snake

Old Tie
Dried Beans
Hot Glue Gun (Parent will use)
Red Felt

Parent needs to hot glue the small end of the tie closed. Once the hot glue has cooled your child may start adding dry beans. While they are doing that the Parent can cut a fork shape out of the red felt for a snake tongue. When the tie is full of beans the Parent will need to glue the red felt tongue to the top of the larger opened end of the tie (on the inside) so it sticks out. Then seal the end with glue. The tie should be completely sealed with glue. To be sure that it does not break later take and glue the seam of the snake(tie) also.
You can add googly eyes to give your snake a silly character.

Letter T

Coming Soon

Letter U

U – Umbrella

Construction Paper
Circular Object
Pipe Cleaner

Trace the circular object with a pencil. Have your child cut out the circle. Fold the circle in half and cut along the fold. This will give you two umbrella tops. Next take your pipe cleaner and bend it into a “J” shape. Glue the “J” shape to the back of your half circle and you have an umbrella.

Letter V

V – Vase

Masking Tape
Empty “GLASS” Salad Dressing Bottle
Rubber Gloves
Shoe Polish (blue or brown)
Old Rag

Using small strips of masking tape; cover your bottle completely. After this step is done you will need to put gloves on. Using the old rag rub shoe polish onto the bottle you just taped up. This will give your bottle a very neat “VASE” look.

Letter W

W – Watermelon

Pink Paper
Green Paper
Black Circle Stickers
Glue Stick

Draw a triangle on the pink paper. Have your child cut out the triangle. Have your child cut a strip of green to glue at the bottom of your triangle. Place black stickers on the pink portion of the triangle. You will have a nice slice of watermelon when you are done.

Letter X

X – Ray

Black Construction Paper

Have your child trace their hand or foot with the white chalk on the black paper. Next have them draw in what they think their bones look like.

Get a real X-Ray of a hand or foot for your child to look and compare. A picture from a book would work also.

Letter Y

Y – Yarn Painting

Paper Plate
(Clothes Pin)

Place a small amount of paint on a paper plate. Cut yarn to be different lengths. Have your child place the yarn in the paint getting it covered w/ paint. Next drag the yarn over paper. Do this with different paint colors.

If you have a child who does not like to get their hand dirty add a clothes pin to one end of the yarn. Then have the child pick up the yarn using the clothes pin and their fingers will stay clean.

Letter Z

Z – Zig Zag Fun

Rick Rack Trim
Card Stock

Have your child use the zig zag rick rack trim to create a Z zig zag style.

Reindeer and Santa Preschool Theme Crafts

by Aunt B

Copyright 2004-2006 Story Soup Kids, a division of Enchanted Corner

Reindeer and Santa Kids Crafts

Reindeer Magnets

Small dog biscuits
Small wiggly eyes
Small red pom poms (for the nose)
Brown chenille cut in 2 inches length strips (for antlers)
Magnet strip.
Hot Glue Gun (used with supervision)

What you will need to do:
You take a dog biscuit and work on it vertically. You want to hot glue a red pom pom near the bottom (above where the dog biscuit indents), then hot glue the wiggly eyes above that. Twist the chenille sticks (pipe cleaners) into antlers and hot glue those at the top of the dog biscuit, gluing them to the back so they stand out at the top and then attach magnetic backing to the biscuit.

3D Reindeer

Here is a new twist on the Reindeer hands and feet.

Items you will need
Hand and feet of a child
Paper of your choice – construction or scrapbook paper
2 Googly eyes
Red Pom Pom for the Nose
Picture Frame to fit your Reindeer in. Ages birth-3 can usually fit 5×7 older will need 8×10 or larger.

Trace your child’s hands and one foot. Take the foot and glue it down with the toes going down heel up, then glue the hands at the top near the heel as antlers. (I have glued these pieces to a nice scrapbook paper) Place inside the frame of your choice. On the outside of the glass glue on the googly eyes and the red pompom at the tip for a nose. This makes for a really neat 3D effect. A decoration to have out every year.

Santa Prints

There are many ways to make this Santa. Here are two versions.

Painted Handprint Santa

Red Paint
White Paint
Card Stock
Black and Red Marker
Paint Brush

Mix a drop of red into some white to make a flesh color. Paint the center palm the flesh color. Paint the Thumb and bottom half of the palm red. Paint the fingers white. Place your hand print down on top of the card stock. With other hand paint your thumb white and add a white thumb print at the end of the red thumb. Once this is dry, draw eyes and mouth on the face. An alteration is you can cut around the Santa Print, punch a hole at the top, tie a ribbon and you have an ornament.

Plaster Handprint Santa

Plaster of Paris
Red Paint
White Paint
Red and Black Marker
Small White Pompom
(Optional googly eyes)

In a shallow bowl add sand with a little bit of water. This will thicken up the sand. Have your child make a Hand Print in the sand. Mix plaster of paris and pour into the Sand Handprint mold. After about 1 or 2 hours take straw and poke a hole in top of red area, hat. This will leave you an opening to add a ribbon to hang it with. Let dry 24 hours. Take hand out of sand mold let dry an additional 12 hours. Once mix a drop of red into white paint to make a flesh color, paint palm the flesh color. Paint the thumb and bottom of palm (near wrist) red, for hat. Paint fingers white or just leave plaster white color. Once dry add on the white pompom to the end of the thumb. You can add eyes with marker or googly eyes. Draw on mouth.

Christmas Printables

Recommended Books to read

Hurry, Santa!
Santa’s Noisy Night
Careful, Santa!
Written by: Tim Warnes
In each of these books Santa makes all kinds of silly mistakes on Christmas Eve!

Guess Who’s Coming to Santa’s for Dinner?
Written by: Tomie dePaola
When Santa’s family comes to dinner, everyone has a big laugh!

Santa’s Book of Names
Written by: David McPhail
The adventure of a boy who learns to read by reading Santa’s book of names.

Reindeer and Santa Cooking with Kids

Reindeer Sandwiches

Items you will need:
(Makes 4 sandwiches)
1 Slice of Bread
8 Celery Sticks (antlers)
8 Raisins
Peanut Butter
4 Cherries

Night before prepare food by:

Cutting all crust off bread and cutting the bread into 4 triangles. Place the bread triangles in the freezer.
Slice each of the celery sticks halfway down, place in a bowl of water in the fridge over night.

Day of cooking:

Have your child spread peanut butter on the frozen bread. (Easier to spread on frozen bread) Place the triangles points down on a small plate. Then let hem create reindeer faces by adding raisins for eyes, cherries for noses, and the celery (should have curled over night) for antlers.

By the time you are done decorating the bread is defrosted and your child will be ready to enjoy a Reindeer Sandwich!

Happy Birthday Jesus Preschool Theme Crafts

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by Aunt B

Copyright 2004-2006 Story Soup Kids, a division of Enchanted Corner

Happy Birthday Jesus Crafts for Kids

Jesus Birthday Present

Items you will need:
Small Shoe Box
Wrapping Paper

Wrap and decorate the box like a present. Make a small slit in the top of the box. As you go through the Month of December, add money to this box. Encourage your children to put their money in as well. Perhaps their allowance or a small portion of the money they receive for Christmas from family. At the end of Christmas, have your child help you open the box and count the money you have. It is your gift to Jesus. Take that money and donate it to a good cause, and let your child help decide. This can be as simple as adding it to the offering plate at church or taking it down to a food bank.
Be creative. Talk to your children about all the gifts Jesus gives us. Why not give him a gift back?

Candy Cane Ornament

Items you will need:

Peppermints discs with wrappers removed
Cookie Sheet
Aluminum foil
Optional: Ribbon

Preheat oven to 250º. Remove all the wrappers from the peppermints you want to use. Cover your cookie sheet with aluminum foil. Arrange the peppermints in the shape of a candy cane making sure the candy canes are touching. Place peppermints in oven of 3-5 minutes or until peppermints begin to melt together. Remove from oven and let cool slightly. Use spatula to remove wreath from aluminum foil. You can add your ribbon for decoration at this point.

** If your candy cane cools too long before you remove it from the aluminum foil it may become stuck and hard to remove, thus breaking.**

Give them away as a special gift. Wrap them carefully in some colored plastic wrap, tie with a bow and add this short poem.

Look at this Candy Cane,
What do you see?
Stripes that are red,
Like blood shed for me.

White is for my Savior
Who’s sinless and pure!
“J” is for Jesus my Lord, that’s for sure!

Turn it around
And a staff you will see
Jesus my Shepard
Was born for me!


Baby Jesus Ornament

Items you will need:

Half a Walnut Shell (cradle)
Small Baby Figure (to represent Jesus)
Thin Strip of Cloth
Pipe Cleaner (5 inch pieces)

Take your thin strip of cloth and wrap it around the baby figure for swaddling clothes. Make a hoop out of the pipe cleaner and glue the ends inside the walnut shell. Next glue the cotton into the walnut shell, for bedding. Glue the baby on top of the cotton. Set aside until dry.

Recommended Books to read

The Crippled Lamb
Written by: Max Lucado
This little lamb has a special job, helping Jesus!

Room for a Little One : A Christmas Tale
Written by: Martin Waddell
There is always room for a little one here. The animals are ready to welcome the Baby Jesus.

Jotham’s Journey: A Storybook for Advent (Jotham’s Journey Trilogy)
Written by: Arnold Ytreeide
A story of Advent, to be read every day.

Cooking with Kids

Special Birthday Cake for Jesus

Items you will need:

White Cake Mix
Pink Cake Mix
Yellow Cake Mix
Chocolate Cake Mix
White Icing
Green Gumdrops
Toasted Coconut
Small Baby Doll
Votive or Tea Light Candles
Tube of decorating gel (for writing on cake)

(You can make a cake for your family and a cake to share the joy of Jesus birthday with another family.)

Mix up your cake mix’s as the directions say. You will need to make a single layer of each cake mix for ONE cake.

Then tell this story as you decorate the cake with your family. Also retail the story when you share the 2nd cake with friends.

Here is a white cake, a pink cake, a yellow cake, a chocolate cake. These cakes symbolize the different colors of God’s people. Over the cake and between the layers goes a fluffy white icing to show how God’s love binds all God’s creatures to each other and to Him. Around the edge goes a wreath of green gumdrops. In the center we will make a manger bed for baby Jesus with toasted coconut to look like the straw in a manger. Then we will write Happy Birthday Jesus to celebrate His birthday. Here a candle. We don’t put the candle on the cake because God has no age to be counted. But we have it near to remind us that Christ is the Light of the world! Let us all sing Happy Birthday dear Jesus with candles lit.

Alteration: This can be done individually by using cookies instead of cake. You would need cookies of all the same size but the colors mentioned above. Everything else would remain the same.

Kid-Made Presents Preschool Crafts

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by Aunt B

Copyright 2004-2006 Story Soup Kids, a division of Enchanted Corner

Christmas Crafts for Kids

CD Picture Ornaments

Items you will need:
2 CD’s
Cute Pictures
Puffy Paint
Glue (or hot glue if preferred)

Optional items you can use:

Pick the perfect picture and set it aside. Take your ribbon and lace it though one cd, next glue two cd’s back to back, (if your cd has print on it put the print sides together so as not to be seen.) Once this is done you will take your perfect picture and glue it to the cd you did not tie the ribbon through. That cd will be the back of your ornament. Next take and outline your picture with puffy paint of your choice to make the picture stand out.

Optional: Place a doily in between your cd’s. Outline your picture with glue and sprinkle with glitter.

Peppermint Bath Salts

Items you will need:
Epson Salt
Baby food jars or small canning jars
Peppermint flavoring or oil
Red food coloring
Decorative cloth

In a large bowl or zip lock bag add Epson salt, food coloring to the color you like, and 2 or 3 drops of peppermint flavoring/oil. Add decorative cloth to the top of the jar and tie with ribbon.

Fun Ideas for Wrapping Paper

Items you will need:
White tissue paper
Paint or stamp pads
Cookie Cutters
Markers or Crayons
Your child’s hands
Plenty of room

Lay out your tissue paper. You can have your children decorate their own wrapping paper by stamping it with stamps or cookie cutters. Hand prints, finger prints, thumb prints, they all make great pictures. Use crayons and markers if you don’t have paint or stamp pads. Have your child color pictures all over the paper. You can do this before of after you wrap the present. Grandparents love to get presents that are handmade. The handmade wrapping paper makes it the best presents ever!

Recommended Books to read

Country Angel Christmas
Written by: Tomie dePaola
What will the littlest angels do for the Christmas Celebration?

Santa’s Favorite Story

Written by: Hisako Aoki and Ivan Gantschev
Santa shares his favorite story with the forest animals, the birth of Jesus.

The Polar Express
Written by: Chris Van Allsburg
Take a magical Christmas train ride to the North Pole for Christmas.

Cooking with Kids

Yummy Spoons

Items you will need:
Plastic spoons
Chocolate (can be melting chocolate or chocolate chips work great, too)
Extra items to add:
Colored Sugar
Coffee Mug’s
Spoon to Mix
Wax Paper
Colored Plastic Wrap

Prepare your area by placing your extra items on paper plates. Next place chocolate into one of the coffee mugs, melt on low in microwave, stir often. Once melted dip spoon into chocolate and then toll in extra item of choice. Place on wax paper to cool. Once cool wrap with colored plastic wrap and tie with a bow. You now have a little something extra to add to any present.

Alteration: Use pretzel rods instead of spoons, only dipping ½ the pretzel into the chocolate. Kids love to make and eat these great treats.

Christmas Printables

Christmas Decorations Preschool Theme Crafts

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by Aunt B

Copyright 2004-2006 Story Soup Kids, a division of Enchanted Corner

Kids Christmas Crafts

Lasting Impressions Christmas Cards

Items you will need:

Foam Fruit Tray (like a meat tray)
Construction Paper
Paint Brush

Using your pencil you will draw and poke a Christmas design, such as a snowman with snow all around him, in your foam fruit tray. Paint on a thin layer of paint to your picture in the tray (a thin layer gets better results than a thick layer of paint). Lay your pre-cut construction paper in the tray. Rub lightly on the back of this paper. Lift and you should have the design from your tray onto your paper.

Easy Fridge Magnets – Christmas Presents

Items you will need:

Old business card size magnets
Holiday Wrapping Paper
Flat Ribbon

Cut out a piece of holiday wrapping paper about ¼” larger then actual magnet. Fold corners and tape down the edge, also tape flat ribbon on, for decorative touch.

Christmas Hand Towels for the Busy Mom!

Items you will need:

White Hand Towel
Fabric Paint (Red and Green)
Child’s Hands

Using the fabric paint, have your child make hand prints all over the white hand towel. Use fabric paint to write on the towel “See, I DID wash my hands.” Your guest will love these towels.

Recommended Christmas Books to read

A Christmas Story (Dick and Jane)
Published by Grosset and Dunlap
The holidays are a time for family and togetherness and Dick, Jane, Sally, Spot and Puff know how to celebrate.

Mouse’s First Christmas
Written by: Lauren Thompson
One little mouse tells what Christmas is like to him.

The Twelve Days Of Christmas : Rebus Sticker Storybooks (Rebus Sticker Storybooks)
Illustrated by Nan Brooks
What a great way to tell this old story then with a rebus sticker storybook.

Christmas Cooking with Kids

Candle Salads

Items you will need:

Pineapple ring
1 Lettuce leaf
1 banana
Vegetable peeler
Tooth picks

What you will do:

Place a piece of lettuce leaf on a plate, then lay a pineapple ring on top of the lettuce leaf. Peal the banana and cut it in half, place half of the banana in the center of the pineapple ring. Peal off a strip of carrot, using a vegetable peeler. Roll the carrot tip in to a ring, overlapping the ends. Stick one end of a toothpick through the end of the carrot strip and the other end down into the banana. Pinch the carrot ring to make it look like a pointed candle flame.

Thanksgiving Turkey Fun Preschool Theme Crafts

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by Aunt B

Copyright 2004-2006 Story Soup Kids, a division of Enchanted Corner

Kids Turkey Crafts

Turkey Melt

White paper
Peeled Crayons (fall colors)
Large electric flat pancake griddle
Pair of old socks
Paper Plate
Sharpie Marker

Cover griddle with foil. Plug in the griddle to heat up. Place the old socks on your child’s hands to protect them from the griddle. Place white paper on griddle once hot. Color on the white paper and see the crayons melt. You can also do this on the paper plate if you choose, I recommend you use a brown crayon for the paper plate. Once the white paper is covered in all fall colors. Take it off and turn off/unplug the griddle. On the table place you child’s hand on the on the paper and trace as many hands as you can out of this colorful paper. Cut the hands out and glue to the back of the paper plate. Draw a turkey face on the paper plate. You know have a colorful turkey. To enjoy the most out of the colors hang the turkey in the window.

Alterations: Cut a round circle out of the crayon melt paper and glue the hands on to it. You can also use crayon melting to create beautiful fall leaves.

Turkey Pumpkin Bowl

You will need:
Medium to Small Pumpkin
Knife for adult use only
Large and small spoons
Fresh fruit
Flat Suckers

Cut top off pumpkin. Use your spoons to hollow out the pumpkin. Leave more on the backside of the pumpkin then the front. (save seeds for roasting).
Poke your suckers through the back of the pumpkin to look like feathers. Take your brown construction paper and cut into a long oval shape. Glue wiggly eyes on to each side of the brown oval, fold one end about 1/2 inch, glue that end to the pumpkin in the front.
Wash and cut up fruit, the fruit can include green and red grapes, apples,etc. Chill fruit, just before Thanksgiving dinner put in hollowed out pumpkin.

Hands of Turkey Framed

Items you will need:

Tempera Paints in fall colors be sure to include Brown
Paint Brushes
White Construction Paper
Google Eyes
Read Construction paper
Orange pipe cleaners
Picture Frame size depends read directions
Paint your child’s palm and thumb brown, paint each finger a different color. Place hand print onto the white paper. Do so for both hands making sure to place the thumbs facing each other. (left and right)
Once dry place the white paper inside a picture frame that is to the size of both hands. Depending on your child’s age weather it will be a 8×10 or a 10×13 (babies can use a 5×7) Once your hands are inside the frame glue on a google eye to the thumb, but do so ON THE GLASS. Also cut a small oval piece of red to glue ON TO THE GLASS under the neck (thumb) part of the turkey. Cut two orange pipe cleaners to the correct size for your turkey. Bend them to add feet to the leg and glue them ON THE GLASS under the body (palm) of the turkey.

Once you are done this is a keepsake art. It is a 3-D turkey.

Turkey Printable Games & Activities

Turkey Cooking with Kids

Turkey Friends

1 red apple
1 large marshmallow
5-6 small marshmallows
12-14 raisins
As many toothpicks as marshmallows
1 candy corn

To put the turkey together:

Place apple on hard surface with stem up. Take off stem if there is one.
On each toothpick, you will have 2 raisins and 1 marshmallow. The marshmallow will be at the top (or rounded tip of the pick) and the raisins will be below the marshmallow.
Evenly space the toothpicks directly behind where the stem would have been.
Directly opposite of where the marshmallow/raisin toothpicks are is where you will place the large marshmallow face.

To make the face:

Use 2 raisins for the eyes; push them into the large marshmallow. Use the 1 candy corn for the nose; push the corn into the marshmallow using the pointed end. Mount the head and you have a turkey.

(Let your child change the directions up how they would like.)

Recommended Turkey Books to read

Arthur’s Thanksgiving
Written by: Marc Brown
It is almost Thanksgiving and Arthur is in charge of the school’s Thanksgiving play. He runs into trouble when nobody wants to play the part of the turkey and has to take matters into his own hands!

‘Twas the Night before Thanksgiving “
Written by: Dav Pilkey
School children of various races go on a field trip to Mack Nugget’s farm save the lives of eight turkeys by smuggling them home, this poem based on “The Night Before Christmas.”

Ten Fat Turkeys
Written by: Tony Johnston
Children will gobble up this hilarious story about ten goofy turkeys and their silly actions.

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Preschool Theme Crafts

by Aunt B

Copyright 2004-2006 Story Soup Kids, a division of Enchanted Corner

Kids Pilgrim Crafts

Mayflower ships

Items you will need:
Small amount of play dough
Small white piece of paper

Give your child a walnut shell half, a small piece of play dough, a toothpick and a small square of white paper for a sail. Let your child decorate their sails with crayons. Help your child put 2 holes in their sail. Show the child how to stick their toothpick in one hole and out the other hole. Have you child roll the play dough into a ball and place in the bottom of the walnut shell. Then stick the toothpick in the play dough. You now have the Mayflower Ship.

Log Cabins

Items you will need:
Stick pretzels
Construction paper

Using your imagination and build your own log cabin you might go camping in.

Glue stick pretzels to the construction paper in the pattern of a log cabin.

**This craft can be altered for older children by using small milk cartons, and have the children glue the pretzel sticks to the carton. Children can also use construction paper to make the doors, windows and a chimney if they would

Easy Pilgrim Hat

Items you will need:
Large sheet of Kraft mailing paper
Masking Tape
Black construction paper
Bucket (beach bucket or plant pot)

Measure around the rim of the bucket with the Black paper. Cut a strip to fit around the paper. (You can take foil to make a buckle if you would like)

Place paper centered over the upside-down bucket. Press paper down with hands around bucket to shape. Take masking tape and go around the bucket. This will hold your shape. Place your black strips on top of the masking tape. Remove hat from bucket.

Cooking with Kids

Sweet Cornucopia’s

Items you will need
Sugar Cones
Fruit shaped gummies OR Fruit shaped cereal OR Runts
Icing in a tube
Small paper plate

Fill the sugar cone up with icing. Optional: add your name to the outside of the cone. Tie your pretty ribbon around the opening of the cone for decoration. Place your fruit shaped treats in side the cone. Lay your cone down on a dollie-covered plate. Let your fruit treats scatter out of the opening.

Recommended Pilgrim Books to read

The Thanksgiving Story
Written by: Alice Dalgliesh
A wonderful holiday story about the voyage of the Mayflower, Plymouth Plantation, and the celebration of the first Thanksgiving.

The Pilgrims’ First Thanksgiving

Written by: Ann McGovern
Celebrate Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims.

The Very First Thanksgiving Day
Written by: Greene, Rhonda
Introduces young readers to America’s most beloved national tradition, which began with a shared feast to rejoice in the bounty of the land, new beginnings, and peace between two societies.

Thanksgiving Printable Games & Activities

Native American Preschool Theme Crafts

October 27, 2008 · Filed Under Kids Crafts, Preschool Lesson Plans & Themes · Comments Off on Native American Preschool Theme Crafts 

by Aunt B

Copyright 2004-2006 Story Soup Kids, a division of Enchanted Corner

Native American Crafts for Kids


Items you will need:
Brown Paper Bag
Construction Paper
Markers, Crayons, Paints

What to do:
Take a brown paper bag and cut arm holes in sides of bag, as if head was the bottom of the bag. Cut up front of bag towards bottom of bag. Cut circle at bottom of bag for neck. You should be able to put the bag on as a jacket with your arms through the holes on the side. Cut fringe at the bottom of the jacket (which is the top of the bag). Paint/color Indian patterns onto jacket. Cut out shapes from construction paper, or cut fringe and paste onto vest.

Indian Corn Necklace

Items you will need:
Indian Corn
Small bowl
Paper Towels

What to do:

After you pluck off corn off the corn husk, soak the corn kernels in water. Once the kernels are soft use your needle and thread and put it through the middle of the soft Indian corn. You can do this until you have a necklace or a bracelet, your choice.

Tee Pee

Items you will need:
Construction Paper (any color)
2 to 3 Straws

What to do:

Take a piece of construction paper, any color, and wrap it into a cone shape and tape. Trim around the base so the cone will stand flat. Next cut a flap in your teepee by making two cuts vertically about 2 inches long about 2 inches apart, then fold the teepee flat up. Stick drinking straws through the top if you want to have more support for your tepee. That’s all there is to it! Decorate your tepee with some great Native American designs, pre-cut designs and shapes.

* You can cut your teepee shape ahead of time decorate it with/ Native American designs and then assemble it.*

Recommended Books to read

Squanto and the First Thanksgiving
Written by: Theresa Celsi
A simple biography of the Wampanoag Indian who helped the Pilgrims survive in their early days in the Plymouth colony.

Nickommoh : A Thanksgiving Celebration
Written by: Jackie Koller
An interesting depiction of the Native American celebration of Nickommoh. This was a traditional celebration of the Narragansett people.

The Story of Thanksgiving

Written by Nancy J. Skarmeas
A story of how the pilgrims came to America on the Mayflower in search of religious freedom, how they landed at Plymouth Rock, and how the Native Americans taught them to plant and then joined them in a Thanksgiving feast.

Cooking with Kids

Native Symbols Painting

What you need:
White Bread
Food Coloring


Mix a few drops of food coloring with one teaspoon of milk. Make several colors. Provide the kids with new clean paintbrushes. Let them paint native American signs on a piece of White Bread. Toast on normal setting.

Pictures become vibrant in color after toasting, and this is a healthy and fun snack.

Scarecrow Preschool Theme Crafts

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by Aunt B

Copyright 2004-2006 Story Soup Kids, a division of Enchanted Corner

Recommended Scarecrow Book Fun

The Little Scarecrow Boy
Written by: Margaret Wise Brown
Summary : Get ready to make some fierce faces while you read this story. A little scarecrow wants very badly to join his father in the field to scare the crows away, but his father warns him time and again that he needs to grow more so he will be able to make fiercer faces and scare the crows. Finally the little scarecrow can wait no more and ventures into the field.

Kids Scarecrow Crafts

Mini Scarecrow


1 lunch bag
1 black marker (permanent)
1 red marker (permanent)
large safety pins
wooden dowel
old clothing kid clothes or baby clothes


Wrinkle grocery sack to “age”-smooth out
Draw eyes and mouth-facial features
Tear newspaper-to stuff head of scarecrow
Tie off each sleeve and pants leg and stuff with newspaper
If you have pants and shirt secure body with large safety pins
Good to use a wooden stick to hold up head by poking stick through neck opening in head and down into the shirt neck opening
(Or a mop or broom handle can be used to protrude through the back of the shirt if you plan to stick it in the ground)
Dress up scarecrow with an old hat, jewelry, gloves, shoes, etc.
Add hair made of cut pieces of yarn (you can cut strips of newspaper, too)

Optional: You can do all of this w/ bigger items adult clothes, grocery bag, etc… You could make a whole family.

Shape Scarecrow

Items you will need:

Precut squares, circles, rectangles
Pieces of straw or hay along (You can continue the shape idea w/ long thin rectangles for hay)
Large sized paper.
Optional : Google Eyes (this just make them look fun)

What to do:

Give the children the opportunity to create their own scarecrows using all the items you provided.

Alteration of this would be to use a paper plate and make a scarecrow head using shapes only.

Scarecrow Cooking with Kids

Scarecrow Cones

Items you will need:

Ice cream cone, vanilla ice cream, toasted coconut or shredded wheat, raisins and candy corn.

Top an ice cream cone with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Add coconut or shredded wheat for the scarecrow’s hair. Add raisins for eyes, candy corn for the nose and cut a raisin for the mouth.

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