Kid-Made Presents Preschool Crafts

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by Aunt B

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Christmas Crafts for Kids

CD Picture Ornaments

Items you will need:
2 CD’s
Cute Pictures
Puffy Paint
Glue (or hot glue if preferred)

Optional items you can use:

Pick the perfect picture and set it aside. Take your ribbon and lace it though one cd, next glue two cd’s back to back, (if your cd has print on it put the print sides together so as not to be seen.) Once this is done you will take your perfect picture and glue it to the cd you did not tie the ribbon through. That cd will be the back of your ornament. Next take and outline your picture with puffy paint of your choice to make the picture stand out.

Optional: Place a doily in between your cd’s. Outline your picture with glue and sprinkle with glitter.

Peppermint Bath Salts

Items you will need:
Epson Salt
Baby food jars or small canning jars
Peppermint flavoring or oil
Red food coloring
Decorative cloth

In a large bowl or zip lock bag add Epson salt, food coloring to the color you like, and 2 or 3 drops of peppermint flavoring/oil. Add decorative cloth to the top of the jar and tie with ribbon.

Fun Ideas for Wrapping Paper

Items you will need:
White tissue paper
Paint or stamp pads
Cookie Cutters
Markers or Crayons
Your child’s hands
Plenty of room

Lay out your tissue paper. You can have your children decorate their own wrapping paper by stamping it with stamps or cookie cutters. Hand prints, finger prints, thumb prints, they all make great pictures. Use crayons and markers if you don’t have paint or stamp pads. Have your child color pictures all over the paper. You can do this before of after you wrap the present. Grandparents love to get presents that are handmade. The handmade wrapping paper makes it the best presents ever!

Recommended Books to read

Country Angel Christmas
Written by: Tomie dePaola
What will the littlest angels do for the Christmas Celebration?

Santa’s Favorite Story

Written by: Hisako Aoki and Ivan Gantschev
Santa shares his favorite story with the forest animals, the birth of Jesus.

The Polar Express
Written by: Chris Van Allsburg
Take a magical Christmas train ride to the North Pole for Christmas.

Cooking with Kids

Yummy Spoons

Items you will need:
Plastic spoons
Chocolate (can be melting chocolate or chocolate chips work great, too)
Extra items to add:
Colored Sugar
Coffee Mug’s
Spoon to Mix
Wax Paper
Colored Plastic Wrap

Prepare your area by placing your extra items on paper plates. Next place chocolate into one of the coffee mugs, melt on low in microwave, stir often. Once melted dip spoon into chocolate and then toll in extra item of choice. Place on wax paper to cool. Once cool wrap with colored plastic wrap and tie with a bow. You now have a little something extra to add to any present.

Alteration: Use pretzel rods instead of spoons, only dipping ½ the pretzel into the chocolate. Kids love to make and eat these great treats.

Christmas Printables

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