Reindeer and Santa Preschool Theme Crafts

by Aunt B

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Reindeer and Santa Kids Crafts

Reindeer Magnets

Small dog biscuits
Small wiggly eyes
Small red pom poms (for the nose)
Brown chenille cut in 2 inches length strips (for antlers)
Magnet strip.
Hot Glue Gun (used with supervision)

What you will need to do:
You take a dog biscuit and work on it vertically. You want to hot glue a red pom pom near the bottom (above where the dog biscuit indents), then hot glue the wiggly eyes above that. Twist the chenille sticks (pipe cleaners) into antlers and hot glue those at the top of the dog biscuit, gluing them to the back so they stand out at the top and then attach magnetic backing to the biscuit.

3D Reindeer

Here is a new twist on the Reindeer hands and feet.

Items you will need
Hand and feet of a child
Paper of your choice – construction or scrapbook paper
2 Googly eyes
Red Pom Pom for the Nose
Picture Frame to fit your Reindeer in. Ages birth-3 can usually fit 5×7 older will need 8×10 or larger.

Trace your child’s hands and one foot. Take the foot and glue it down with the toes going down heel up, then glue the hands at the top near the heel as antlers. (I have glued these pieces to a nice scrapbook paper) Place inside the frame of your choice. On the outside of the glass glue on the googly eyes and the red pompom at the tip for a nose. This makes for a really neat 3D effect. A decoration to have out every year.

Santa Prints

There are many ways to make this Santa. Here are two versions.

Painted Handprint Santa

Red Paint
White Paint
Card Stock
Black and Red Marker
Paint Brush

Mix a drop of red into some white to make a flesh color. Paint the center palm the flesh color. Paint the Thumb and bottom half of the palm red. Paint the fingers white. Place your hand print down on top of the card stock. With other hand paint your thumb white and add a white thumb print at the end of the red thumb. Once this is dry, draw eyes and mouth on the face. An alteration is you can cut around the Santa Print, punch a hole at the top, tie a ribbon and you have an ornament.

Plaster Handprint Santa

Plaster of Paris
Red Paint
White Paint
Red and Black Marker
Small White Pompom
(Optional googly eyes)

In a shallow bowl add sand with a little bit of water. This will thicken up the sand. Have your child make a Hand Print in the sand. Mix plaster of paris and pour into the Sand Handprint mold. After about 1 or 2 hours take straw and poke a hole in top of red area, hat. This will leave you an opening to add a ribbon to hang it with. Let dry 24 hours. Take hand out of sand mold let dry an additional 12 hours. Once mix a drop of red into white paint to make a flesh color, paint palm the flesh color. Paint the thumb and bottom of palm (near wrist) red, for hat. Paint fingers white or just leave plaster white color. Once dry add on the white pompom to the end of the thumb. You can add eyes with marker or googly eyes. Draw on mouth.

Christmas Printables

Recommended Books to read

Hurry, Santa!
Santa’s Noisy Night
Careful, Santa!
Written by: Tim Warnes
In each of these books Santa makes all kinds of silly mistakes on Christmas Eve!

Guess Who’s Coming to Santa’s for Dinner?
Written by: Tomie dePaola
When Santa’s family comes to dinner, everyone has a big laugh!

Santa’s Book of Names
Written by: David McPhail
The adventure of a boy who learns to read by reading Santa’s book of names.

Reindeer and Santa Cooking with Kids

Reindeer Sandwiches

Items you will need:
(Makes 4 sandwiches)
1 Slice of Bread
8 Celery Sticks (antlers)
8 Raisins
Peanut Butter
4 Cherries

Night before prepare food by:

Cutting all crust off bread and cutting the bread into 4 triangles. Place the bread triangles in the freezer.
Slice each of the celery sticks halfway down, place in a bowl of water in the fridge over night.

Day of cooking:

Have your child spread peanut butter on the frozen bread. (Easier to spread on frozen bread) Place the triangles points down on a small plate. Then let hem create reindeer faces by adding raisins for eyes, cherries for noses, and the celery (should have curled over night) for antlers.

By the time you are done decorating the bread is defrosted and your child will be ready to enjoy a Reindeer Sandwich!

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