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Written by Frugal Nik

Many folks believe that those giant brick-and-mortar stores offer the best value for your money.  Yes, they are a convenient one-stop-shopping experience for most families.  You only have time to make one stop, so you choose the biggest store you can find, right?  You need to pick up a gallon of milk, but also need items like school supplies, soap, sunscreen, vitamins, and the list goes on.  But, if you are like most people, you’ll also run into a bargain or two that’s just too good to pass up.  These stores are in business to make you believe you need an extra set of dishes or that fancy new room deodorizer, or whatever they are currently displaying.  Then, $200 later, you arrive home, unload your car, and despair washes over you.  Your grocery budget has just been wiped out in that one quick trip to pick up a gallon of milk and a bar of soap. 

I’m not talking about mentally unbalanced shop-aholics here.  This happens to everyone – normal people out there every day just stopping quick at a store, walking out with more than they wanted to buy.  We’ve all gone through this problem of over-buying.  We’ve fallen into the trap the store set out for us.  We need a better way to shop, and to find the best prices on household and personal items.  But, our shopping should be convenient, too.  Where can we turn for the answers?  How do we shop smarter?  The answer is staring you in the face.  It’s the Internet, of course!

If you are a savvy shopper, and I know you are because you’re reading this, the Internet is, or should be, the first resource you use to find the best value for your money.  You’ve been searching for ways to squeeze out a few more dollars from your paycheck, so why not search the Internet?  You may find the best deal in town right there on your very own home computer.  Finding money saving deals without driving your car and burning gas – now, that’s a real deal!

There are many ways to use your computer to shop smarter.  You can use it simply as a price comparison tool.  You’ll even find websites that do the comparisons for you.  Check several of them out before you commit to any one website’s pricing results.  Be careful not to fall victim to any scams.  If the website asks you for money to join their “shopping club”, just click close and move on.  There are reliable websites out there, so just have patience.  You’ll find them.

Another great way to do your own price comparisons is to go on your local store’s website.  Some of the big chain stores even have their sale flyer online.  Now that’s slick!  You can actually page through the sale items, jot down the things you need, and know what you’re going to buy before you walk into the store.  That way, you’ve got at least some defense against impulse buying.  Now, it’s up to you to stick to your list, but you can do it! 

Then there are, what I think, are the coolest websites of all.  These are the websites that do the “free shipping” and “coupon” searches for you.  You just scroll down their list of offers found, locate the Internet store you want to shop, and go shopping with the coupon you found.  So, rather than finding the Internet store and hoping they have free shipping or a coupon to use, you can let these websites find the deals for you.  Always refer to these websites before you go shopping online.

When it comes to doing your shopping online, you will find no end to the possibilities.  Whether you’re shopping for cleaning products, pet care items, clothing, health and beauty items, or even food, you’ll find countless websites that will help you spend your money.  You can fill prescriptions online, send greeting cards, order school supplies, and buy just about anything imaginable without having to drive around town. Convenience and saving money is certainly appealing, but for some folks Internet shopping may be their only opportunity to take advantage of money saving deals.  If you live in a smaller town with very few stores, it’s even more important to learn the ins-and-outs of Internet shopping, because these simple household supplies may not be available to you at reasonable prices.

Internet “stores” are out there just begging for your attention.  They are battling each other for your business by trying to outdo themselves with the best deals online.  These enterprising people know you won’t give them your business unless they offer you something in return.  That’s why you’ll always want to shop the websites that offer free shipping – that’s the standard bearer.  It would be foolish to buy household necessities without getting that free shipping.  Don’t shop at the first website you find and keep looking for those coupons and special deals.  Open up several websites and click back and forth until you find the price you can afford.

When it comes time to get your pet’s flea medicine, a new blow dryer, bedspread, or even buy a new dresser, start at your computer.  Give those Internet entrepreneurs a chance to earn your business.  You’ll find that the successful ones will do just about anything to get, and keep you as one of their loyal customers.

Come back and visit us again to get in touch with your frugal side.  We’re here to help you do just that!


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