The Value of Motivating your Team

Written by Nicole Dean

Congratulations, you’ve decided to start sponsoring team members to increase your income.
A well-motivated sales team can be the cornerstone of a successful direct sales career and gives you the potential for great financial benefits as an up line leader.

As you continue to build a good sized sales team you’ll need to think of ways to help keep them motivated so that they continue to have fun with what they are doing and be able to build their own successful direct sales business.

Team Newsletter or Ezine

Starting a team newsletter is a great way to motivate your team.  In a newsletter, you can offer general business tips, words of encouragement, theme party ideas, ways to get booking and ideas to increase sales.  You might also include information about company or personally sponsored contests for your group, along with recognizing your top sellers or recruiters for the month.  Let your team members participate by selecting a few contributors each month to share success stories or ideas.  Everyone likes to see their name in print.

Sending Cards

We all like getting mail so why not let your team members know how much you appreciate them by sending a card on their special occasions? Remembering things like wedding anniversaries, birthdays or even a consultant that has had an exceptional sales month will let your team members know that they are special to you and not simply a number that you recruited for your own personal gain.

Training and Incentives

If you don’t already offer team training and/or incentives to your down line now is the time to think about it.  While not everyone will be motivated to perform by incentives there are a lot of people that are.  Whether your new recruits are direct sales pros or delving into their first experience, training is always a good thing.

If most of your team is local to you think about hosting monthly team meetings that offer training, opportunity presentation, team awards and product displays.  If your team is scattered around the US or even the world, then consider using a conference call line with weekly and/or monthly meetings with an outline similar to the local meeting.

Offering incentives to your team might help them reach their sales goals. Offer things like sales aides (order forms, catalogs, etc…), company logo items, or products if they meet required goals like booking so many parties in a month, making so many sales phone calls, or meeting a certain amount of sales.


Create your office hours and let your team know they can call you at any time during them.  Nothing is more motivating to your team members than knowing their problems or questions matter.  Supporting your team can mean the difference between success and failure to your direct sales business as well as those of your team.  Using these tips will help your form a sales team that really loves what they do, which means success for everyone.


One Response to “The Value of Motivating your Team”

  1. Diane Corriette says:
    March 15th, 2009 3:31 pm

    I love this article. I had a sponsor who was always motivating me. He would call to see how I am doing and do anything he could to help me get on in my business.

    You never forget when someone does that for you plus it makes you more motivated to stay in their team.

    Love your blog – and the name. I laughed out loud when I read it. I was checking out audio acrobat and your link appeared in a PLR product. When I saw it I thought I had to come find you!

    Brilliant. Every mother belongs at home if that’s where she wants to be. That’s my belief.

    best wishes from England


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