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Customer Satisfaction is Worthless

I just finished reading Customer Satisfaction Is Worthless by Jeffrey Gitomer. I must admit the title caught me off guard at first until I read the subtitle which is Customer Loyalty is Priceless. The premise of the book is that customer satisfaction just produces a neutral response in people. There is no passion or emotion and people do not come back to buy unless it is very convenient for them. On the other hand, customer loyalty is created by making a purchasing decision memorable.

If this seems like a small matter to you, ask yourself a question.

"Would you rather have 100 satisfied customers or 100 loyal customers?"

Would you rather have 100 customers who were pleased with your adequate but not memorable service or would you rather have 100 customers who enjoyed your assistance so much that they will contact you to purchase products over and over and over again?

Many companies often pride themselves on great customer service. We have even talked about it in our training at Megan's Pantry. But, there is a problem....

"Great customer service" only produces "customer satisfaction".

However, "Great customer helping" produces "customer loyalty"!

We may complain when a customer comes to us with a problem. BUT - what that customer is looking for is someone who is loyal enough to help them. AND, if a customer receives memorable help, guess what? They become loyal rather than satisfied. Your problem is really an opportunity to build customer loyalty.

You may have heard me tell the story about the time I tried out a new auto repair place. They "fixed" my car and when I tried to drive it the next time, I had the same problem. When I called to complain, they sent a tow truck, fixed the correct problem and gave me money back when I went to pick it up!!! I have been their customer for more than ten years and my family has spent thousands of dollars with them during that time. We are loyal customers!! I know that when my car breaks down, I can call them and they will be there to take care of me. They are loyal to me and I am loyal to them.

So, how many loyal customers are you building with your business? Can you count them? Why are they loyal? What did you do to make their experience memorable?

Matthew Cox lives with his wife and eight children in New Mexico where they home school their children while teaching them about business and investments. He is the majority owner of Megan's Pantry. For more information about this unique home based business, go to . To contact Matt directly, you may email him at .

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