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This Directory is for all Work at Home Moms, whether you own your own business or are with a Direct Sales company. Your ad will be up for renewal one year from the date it is published.

To claim your spot: First, check the Shopping Mall to make sure your business is not already represented. If it is available, click here to pay. Family friendly sites only. We reserve the right to refuse any applications. 

Also, please ensure that your company ALLOWS online advertising before purchasing a spot -- no refunds will be given. (Some Companies we are not accepting are Arbonne, BYB, & Cookie Lee due to their policies. Also, no Leaving Prints at this time.)

No refunds given.

$15 for an ad in our Shopping Mall Listing in ONE category for ONE YEAR (60 word description or less)-

$20 for an ad in our Shopping Mall Listing in TWO categories for ONE YEAR (60 word description or less)-



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