39 Ways Working From Home Has Changed My Life

December 11, 2008 · Filed Under Stay at Home Sanity · 1 Comment 

This morning as I was lying in bed, awakening from a sort of late night and waiting for my hubby to come home from his last night of midnights (he’s a meteorologist for the National Weather Center and has rotating shifts) I was thinking about how blessed I am to be working from home and how it’s changed my life.

1. I set my own schedule.

2. Flexibility to run my kids around when needed or just go to a doctor’s appointment without checking with someone first.

3. I set my earning potential. I can work as much as I want to make as much as I want.

4. I can take breaks whenever I need or want.

5. I make the coffee the way I like.

6. I can stop and browse the internet when I want.

7. I get to talk to all my friends on Twitter!

8. I can do laundry AND work at the same time!

9. I can take the day off if I need to.

10. I get to work in my jammies!!!

11. I can work as much or as little as I want.

12. I get to spend more time with my family.

13. I save money by not driving to work every day.

14. I save money by not eating out as much.

15. I can talk to my daughter on the phone as long as I want.

16. I can keep up with our family budget better.

17. I can Christmas shop online, in between article writing.

18. I get to decide what goes on my website or doesn’t.

19. I get to use my creative side more.

20. I love seeing other people truly appreciate my work.

21. I get to learn from others at my own pace.

22. I am making so many new friends, with similar interests online.

23. I get to choose where I do my work (have laptop, will travel)

24. I’m around for my kids and hubby when they need me.

25. I don’t have to grocery shop during the 5:00 rush hour.

26. I do much more shopping online, therefore saving money and supporting other WAHMs!

27. I get to sit in my family room and smell the Christmas tree while I work.

28. The dog isn’t left at home, all alone.

29. I can sleep in with my hubby when he’s on evenings or midnights.

30. I can stay up as late as I want!

31. Dinners are usually better planned now that I’m a work at home mom.

32. I don’t have to pack a lunch!

33. I set my own goals and determine how I’m going to meet them.

34. I can still make money while not physically working by using affiliate programs.

35. I choose who I want to work with and/or for.

36. I can babysit my grandsons during the day if needed.

37. I have more time to keep my house clean. (Shhh don’t tell anyone!)

38. I can do more things for the youth ministry my hubby and I are leaders for.

39. I LOVE what I do, all of it! There’s nothing I don’t like about working from home!

If you are considering becoming a work-at-home mom, these are the pros! The only con I can think of is it usually takes some time and effort to build up a successful work at home business. I am still building mine, but I know if I keep putting in the effort and time, working from home will be a dream come true for me.

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