15 Ways Baby-Wearing Helps The WAHM

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Now, don’t try to tell me you haven’t heard of all the hype and outrage about the latest Motrin commercial. The makers of Motrin actually think that women who wear their babies are trying to be fashionable and look like an official mom. I will not even humor them with my thoughts on this subject but as a WAHM, even though I am several years removed from my babywearing days I would like to share the true reasons I wore my babies. These same reasons that applied to me 9+ years ago, most certainly still apply to moms of young kids today!

  1. I am not an octopus! Wearing my baby enabled me to have free hands to answer the phone, type up a proposal and comfort my baby simultaneously.
  2. Babywearing also left a hand free to grab the two or five year old running around the house, before they fell and hit their head.
  3. Wearing my youngest allowed me to push the double stroller that held my two older boys while I ran through the office supply store because my printer was out of ink.
  4. Maybe the makers of Motrin don’t realize, but some babies won’t sleep or stop crying unless being held. I have never been able to stand listening to a child cry just because they want to be held. Wearing my baby allowed me to hold them and still accomplish the things that needed to be done.
  5. Don’t you know that babywearing allows you to make faces at your sweet child while sitting on a conference call?
  6. Having the 17 lb baby in a sling is much easier on my back than heaving him onto my hip ever was!
  7. As mamas, even as WAH ones, we still are hard on ourselves. Admit it, you are. So, being able to keep your baby/toddler close to your chest and still doing what you do to make a living is very freeing (from a guilt standpoint).
  8. Wearing your baby hides the spit up stains on your shirt, especially if you strategically place the shoulder strap. Hey, you never know where you might run into your next client, customer, employer!
  9. Having a hand free for the cup of (insert your caffeinated beverage here) that keeps us conscious to get through our day.
  10. If you are in direct sales or any type of business that requires lugging products around, you can load your car and soothe your child at the same time!
  11. You are sending a message to the world that your priorities are in order- children before career.
  12. But, you are also sending the important message to our daughters (and nieces, students, etc) that women can be successful at all the roles they play, with a little innovation.
  13. This is not why (at least not why I wore my babies) but, especially with the dawn of sites selling the wares of WAHM’s like Etsy and Ebay, you can find slings and other baby carriers that are actually fashionable and match your outfit. Just a plus for me 🙂
  14. Leaves hands free to (fill in the blank with whatever you try to accomplish in a day as a mom, wife, career woman, daughter, sister, friend, did I mention mom?)
  15. Don’t hate me, but the longer I wore my babies, especially the youngest with whom I gained 56 lbs, the longer I had to lose the belly flubber. Too bad, you can’t wear them when they’re eleven.

In all seriousness, baby wearing is a matter of personal choice and for me, it was a pleasure and something I miss now that my kiddos are older. But, for heaven’s sake, while we all could have written a better ad campaign for this company, we should probably cut the company a little slack since many a mommy has been spared discomfort from carpal tunnel, c-sections, temper tantrum induced headaches and many more aches and pains by popping a Motrin or two. Now, on to the next controversy 🙂

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