5 Steps To Building Your New Direct Sales Business

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You just started a brand new career in direct sales! You’re pumped, excited, and ready to hit the streets with your awesome product and you just know everyone will want to buy something from you.
Excitement is contagious and it is possible that your family and friends will help you get started I the beginning if only because they love you.  Keep in mind, however, that not everyone you know will.  Once you get out of your circle of friends or warm market you’ll need to take that momentum (future bookings from your first shows) and persevere through the tough times – lack of sales, bookings and new team members- to build your business and grow your down line.
How do you build your business when the excitement, rush and newness wears off? Let me give you 5 steps that you should begin taking now for a great future in your direct sales business, one that will last and stand the test of time.
Hold as many sales shows or parties as quickly as possible.  Don’t wait until your kit arrives to make the first phone calls. Get on the phone right away and book your first shows. If your kit doesn’t arrive before the first shows, your recruiter should be willing to lend you hers or some items from her kit.  She should also be willing to go to your first shows with you to help you feel more at ease and to answer any questions that may arise that you can’t answer yet. Get your first 6 shows booked, and don’t stop there. If you’re on a roll, keep calling.  You never know when a show will cancel.  It’s always best to book more shows that you think you will need to keep your momentum going.  Try to get at least 2 bookings from each show you hold.  And try to hold those shows within 3-4 weeks. This will carry you into the following month and pretty soon you’ll be able to selectively book only the dates you want to work and keep your calendar full.   You may get a lot of “no’s”, but each “no” means a “yes” will soon come. Don’t give up and book, book, book!

Build a Good Foundation

A good foundation for a successful direct sales business is one that is solidly built with great people on your team.  At each of your shows, start looking for quality people, who know and love the product as much as you do, and who are goal oriented, organized and driven.  Keep in mind that these are people you will be working with a lot.  Think of it as hiring an assistant.  If they drive you crazy as a guest then they’ll probably be worse as a team member.  Only work with people you like.

Don’t recruit just anyone to have recruits. If they do not possess the characteristics described above, they will most likely quit sooner than later, or they will flounder in their business, and probably be more of a burden than a help to your business.   As you build your team beyond the first 5 or so, then you can start recruiting those that are looking for a hobby, a discount on the product or who just need something to pass the time with. Be aware of the signs that they’re interested in your business (they’ll ask a lot of questions) but don’t be afraid to ask.    Where would you be if your up line didn’t talk to you about the opportunity? The quick, get those strong, goal oriented people under you quick, before someone else does!

Attend Team Meetings

Start now whether you have your kit and have held shows or not.  Don’t think that you’ll start going later or after you’ve held your first show. If you were recruited today, and there’s a meeting tomorrow, go! You will learn so much at the meeting, meet other goal oriented people who are making their direct sales dreams come true, and it will help build a strong foundation in you. You will most likely receive training and materials vital to helping you build your business and keep you motivated.  Try not to schedule any shows on meeting days.  If you must book a show try to book it around the meeting time so it doesn’t conflict.  Block the day off in your calendar as a training day.  This is a common mistake for new recruits because they are so eager to book shows they forget they are in control of their own schedule. The meetings are important to attend every week or month, so make it a point right away to attend by scheduling them in your day planner or on your calendar on your computer.  Besides, it’s fun to hang out with people that do what you do.

Set Your Goals

At the meetings you will learn what incentives the company offers for recruits and sales. Set your goals accordingly. If you’re not prize-oriented, but want and/or need to make a certain income, set your goals accordingly. Figure out how much you are going to have to sell in order to reach that income level. Then book shows accordingly remembering that some shows will be rescheduled or cancelled. Often you will have to go outside your circle of friends and family to reach these goals. But, if you started building your business with step one above, this shouldn’t be a problem. You will meet new people all the time. Look for the excited ones, the ones that love the product, and ones that need to make more income or want to start a new career. Be sure they are goal oriented, driven and know how to set goals themselves and reach them.

Keep On Keepin’ On

Don’t get discouraged or give up by a few rejections!  Not everyone makes a good hostess.  Likewise, the business opportunity will not be for everyone so it is expected you will hear “No.” a lot.

It takes perseverance and determination to get any business going and keep it growing.  Sticking it out through the tough times makes the good times even sweeter.  If you’ve set your goals properly-they are high enough to work for yet low enough to reach-then you should be able to obtain them with determination and drive. There will be set backs in starting any business, so going in knowing this, should help you stick with it through the slow and rough times.  Keep your up line’s contact information handy during these times and use it.   If you need to readjust your goals, then do it, but don’t give up.
Building your direct sales business can be fun, exciting and rewarding. You will meet lots of great new people along the way; some will become your teammates and some will become your customers.
Remember, building a direct sales business will take time. It takes drive, determination and motivation to build a successful direct sales business and keep it going. So don’t let the slow times bring you down. Persevere, stand strong and carry on. Keep your goals in front of you at all times. Use visual motivators like posters of the nice car you’re striving for, or the dollar amount you want to make each week. Make a plan and work the plan and soon you will have a thriving, successful direct sales business.

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