5 Simple Ways to Keep in Touch with Direct Sales Customers

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Getting a customer for your direct sales business can be hard work. So when you do get an interested customer, you definitely want to keep them. One of the best ways to do that is simply by staying in touch.

Keeping in touch with customers helps ensure they’ll keep coming back to you whenever they need a product like the ones you sell. Plus, keeping in touch makes customers feel valued, which is another incentive to get them to keep returning to your business.

They question is how to keep in touch? If you’re not a natural communicator, you may think you need some big elaborate plan for contacting your customers. But you really don’t!

Here are five easy ways to let your customers know you’re still in business and encourage them to bring you their business again and a again.

1. Follow up Phone Calls

After you’ve sold product to a customer, be sure to call them back shortly after the sale. Let them know that it was nice meeting them, and ask them if they are happy with their purchase. The same applies when you hold in-home parties. After you host a party, call every guest within one to two days to simply thank them for attending.

2. Notes and Cards for No Apparent Reason

Customers might expect a follow-up call after a party or sale. But they definitely won’t expect a card from you for no apparent reason. So surprise them! Send a card to every former customer about every two months. Attach a simple note just to let them know you’re thinking about them. This will not only make customers feel important, but it will also keep you in their minds the next time they need something. And that’s the whole point.

3. Say Thank You

Whenever a customer buys something from you, remember to send her a thank-you card after the purchase has arrived. Sending a simple card lets your customers know that you truly do appreciate their business and that you aren’t in this just for the quick sale.

4. Put the Spark Back in Old Relationships

If you have customers you haven’t seen or talked to in awhile, send them a note or a quick phone call right away to let them know that you miss them and you’re thinking about them. Ask how they’ve been and if there’s anything you can do for them. Even if there’s not at the time, it might remind the customer that you’re still in business and keep you in mind when they do need something.

5. Celebrate with Your Customers

What better time to send a card and a note than on a birthday, anniversary, or other big moment in someone’s life. Be diligent about noting these big moments in each customer’s life in your planner, then commemorate each one. Even if it’s just a small computer-printed card, it lets your customer know you’ve remembered.

Keeping in touch with your customers is one of the easiest things you can do to boost your income and build your direct sales business. Not only will it let customers know that you care and appreciate them, but it will also place you in the forefront of their minds when they need one of your products.

Sending notes, cards or emails, or making phone calls builds real, vital relationships with your customers, not just sales. And from the customer’s side of things, that’s what we all want. By building relationships and strengthening those you already have, you’ll find yourself searching for customer leads much less often.

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