Your Phone, Your Friend

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Verbindung zur Zivilisation photo credit: Lorenz Walthert

Never forget the power of your telephone. It is the main connection to your life blood, Your Customers! Some people embrace their phone. Others cringe at the thought of calling someone. But it is a critical element in our business, whether you run an online business or offline business. You need your phone!

Is your business a bit slow? Pick up the phone and connect with your customer. How is that product you have been using? Did your friend like the candle that you bought from me to give her? Do you need help cooking with or seasoning the new cookware or pottery? How did that new jewelry look with your dress?

Thank of some reason to call and check. You will be amazed at how people remember that and respond to a personal call. Email is ok for casual use. Not for professional contact! Why is it that spammers are happy with a 1% response rate? It is not personal and they know they can’t get much better through impersonal usage. Personal connections are powerful!

Hey, have a sale! Anyone you talk to, throw an item on sale for them; this week only save 25% on X product. Surprise! You may sell something as well, but what you gain will be ten times better! Satisfied customers that will remember you and refer people to you. Customer Service will make the difference between your business and your competitors.

Give it a try! You have nothing to lose and only Satisfied Customers and a growing business to gain!

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