Become an Elder Care Giver

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Teens looking for a way to make some extra money might consider a part-time career in elder care. There are many opportunities to provide quality care to the aging baby boomer generation. As people age they often want to stay active and involved with life. You can help them to accomplish this goal in many ways.

Becoming a successful business person and running your own elder care business will require some planning, but it’s definitely doable. You may want to gain some experience by volunteering in a local nursing home, long term care center or helping with elderly grandparents or neighbors.

You will also need to determine what you’ll charge and how you want to be paid. Call some other care givers and find out what the beginning earnings are for them. While you’re at it, ask them how they got into the job and why they enjoy it.

It would also be wise to have a CPR card. Knowing proper safety techniques will help you to stand out from other candidates for such jobs. In order to get this, you can call your local fire station, ambulance station, hospital or Red Cross. Or look in the classified section of your local paper and sign up for a class. Often, they’re free, but if not, it’s a good investment for your business and still shouldn’t be too expensive.

The most important and perhaps challenging part of starting your business will be find clients. Call local churches and see if they have elderly in need of an in-home care giver. Some churches will be happy to put your name and number in a bulletin or on a bulletin board noting that you’re available. Also print up some flyers and maybe place an ad in the newspaper to get the word out.

You’ll want to build up clientele slowly so you don’t have so many clients that you’re overwhelmed right off the bat. Often just one client or two clients a day will be plenty. You may go to the same client’s home daily, every other day, or it may be only weekly or monthly that you stop in.

As an in-home caregiver, you’ll go to the person’s house and help with simple chores such as house cleaning, laundry and running small errands or even driving the client to various appointments or shopping. Occasionally, you may help with yard work or one-time cleaning. The idea is to be available for whatever you can do to help.

In some cases, some elder caregivers are required to assist in personal care such as bathing or even dressing. If you’re not comfortable assisting someone in this manner then you would be need to let the person know up front you can’t do this. Or perhaps consider another type of business.

There are many companies that hire people as in-home caregivers and offer a simple training course. If you enjoy the work and live in an area where training is available take advantage of it to get started, if possible. Often after such a course you might even find a few clients through that agency who are anxiously awaiting a caregiver.

Different areas have different requirements for licensing. Check with your local city to see if you need a business license or another form of license such as a nursing assistant certificate in order to be a caregiver. Some areas only require a medical card or CPR certificate. Others will require you to complete a training course. It’s best to be sure, whatever the requirements are before you begin.

As an elder caregiver, you will be responsible to arrive at your client’s home on time and as scheduled, and to follow through with the various assignments the person requires. Whether it be shopping with the client or from a list on your own, follow the specific requirements placed upon you.

Spend some time talking with your client and getting to know them and what their needs are. Sometimes, the main thing is just to have someone around in case they fall or need a little assistance.

Elder care giving can be a fun and rewarding job and can lead to a full-time career in as a nurse or doctor later on. This can be quality experience for you and will look great on a resume. Relax, do your job well, and enjoy yourself and your client for the most success in this lucrative business choice.

Start Your Own Profitable Jewelry Making Business

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Teens looking for a home based business they can start in their spare time might want to try their hand at jewelry making. Beaded jewelry, created from a variety of raw materials such as stones, metals, plastic beads, and more is a great way to quickly earn a good income in your spare time without investing a lot of money.

You’ll need to learn how to make the jewelry, of course. You can do that through local or online classes, from books, DVDs or videos. Or if you know someone in the trade, ask if you can spend some time as their apprentice and get valuable on-the-job training, which is one of the best ways to learn anything.

In addition, you’ll need to learn about the materials and tools you’ll use. What each type of “gadget” is and how to use it, including clasps and head pins (commonly called findings), various beads, gauges of wire, wire cutters, pliers, etc.

And you’ll want to understand something about jewelry design, such as what works and what doesn’t, what’s hot and what’s no longer popular. There’s a lot to learn… but the learning itself will be fun because you’ll get to practice making jewelry as your knowledge grows!

Begin by choosing the type of jewelry you’d like to make. While you can make a variety of pieces such as necklaces, pins or brooches, bracelets, or earrings, it will be easier to learn if you choose one specific item like pierced earrings to begin with. Earrings in particular, are popular and worn by many people, so your possible market is larger than for a pin or necklace. But choose something you like and that you’ll enjoy making.

Next, decide on the basic findings you’ll need. Ear wires or posts and clutches are mandatory, for instance, if you plan to make pierced earrings. Clasps and jump rings may be optional. You’ll need specific tools regardless of the pieces you start with. Basics include a flush cutter, round nose pliers, chain nose, and bent chain nose tools. You can buy them individually or in kits.

You’ll also need to select some beads. The options for beads are practically unlimited! You can choose from a variety of materials such as semi-precious, non-precious or precious stone, metal, plastic, even paper or clay. If you want, you can even make your own beads. Instructions and materials are readily available to teach you.

Most beads come in a variety of shapes such as diamond, bicone, round, oval, rondelle or teardrop. And the sizes vary ranging from 4mm up to large 16mm beads. You can find beads made of fire polished glass, pressed glass, swarovski Austrian crystal, freshwater pearls, birthstones, gemstones and so much more. Truly, the options are astounding. But don’t despair!

Visit an online jewelry supply store and request a catalog, or visit your local craft store such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and browse the bead department. Pick a few you like best and start with those. You can add other designs and options later, if you choose.

A couple basic designs will get you started since the different beads will vary the look of each piece. And design ideas are all over the Internet. Search for “free jewelry designs” and print out the ones you like best. Check the supply list and tools needed to be sure you have everything on hand before you begin, then make up a couple samples.

Set a reasonable selling price based on the supplies you use and the time it takes. You want to keep your prices low enough that people will buy, but high enough to cover all your expenses and allow you to make a decent profit.

Once you have a few samples in hand, and you’ve set your prices, it’s time to start selling! You can sell your finished products through consignment at local or online craft shops, through Etsy or another craft site, at flea markets and craft shows, or to friends and family members.

Making and selling jewelry can be a fun, exciting and profitable business for anyone. But it’s especially good for teens since the investment is low and the learning curve is easy.

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