Learn Calligraphy and Sell Your Works

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Learning the art of calligraphy may take some time and effort but it is well worth the time and effort you put into it. Many teens enjoy learning new and interesting techniques for art and writing projects. Whether you learn from a friend, teacher, online or a book that you have borrowed from the library, calligraphy is a great art form to freely express oneself.

Calligraphy readily lends itself to self expression. As a teen entrepreneur Calligraphy may well be a great business idea that will provide you with a great income that you do in your spare time

The most commonly used venue for calligraphy is invitations. Brides to be are always looking for unique invitation styles. As a teen entrepreneur you could easily start your own business in hand written wedding invitations for older siblings, family and friends. Calligraphy not only looks unique, it is. Creating unique one of a kind invitations is a great way to set yourself apart from all the other companies that offer invitations.

Hand written wedding invitations may be more time consuming, but for the bride to be that is willing to go the extra mile, this will be a memory of a life time. You can provide the bride with shower invitations, wedding invitations, RSVP cards, Thank you cards and even place cards for the reception. Another great idea is you could write the vows in calligraphy for the bride and groom. This could be framed and will look great on their wall for many years to come.

One young teen took this a step further and uses colored pencils and colors in parts of the words as her own unique twist to calligraphy. The results are frameable works of art hanging in many homes in her local community.

Venture out further and offer birthday invitations, Christmas cards and even personalized notes for your friends and family. Once your friends and family see what you can do with a calligraphy pen, you will be in business in short order. Your friends and family may well come up with even more ideas for your calligraphy.

Try silk screening calligraphy on a tee shirt or a hat. Create frameable artwork and take the time to frame it.

The word Calligraphy is derived from the ancient Greek word of Kallos meaning beauty. Calligraphy is a very artistic form of writing often taking on a shape all its own due to each individual’s technique or style.

There are many great ways to use it as your own business. Set up a booth at a local fair and with some nice parchment paper charge a fee for a frameable art expression of a persons name. Charge either by the letter or every so many letters and add in the cost of the fancier paper and you will be in business. Be sure to have some samples on hand. You might even want to go ahead and have some fairly common names ready for sale if you have enough advance time.

To advertise your work create a beautiful poster done in calligraphy. Make some copies and post the poster around your local town or at craft and local fairs.

You could set up lessons as well. Teaching your friends and family how to write in calligraphy won’t necessarily give you more competition since everyone has their own unique style. It might even come in handy when you get that 250 wedding invitation order. Charging a nominal hourly rate to teach friends and family this can become a doubly lucrative teen business.

Calligraphy can become a very profitable business for a teen with the right determination.

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