Choose An Encouraging Up-line Leader

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You’ve finally found a good direct sales company and you’re ready to join. Now, you just need to find the perfect up-line leader for you.  The ideal person you want to go into business with will be encouraging, up lifting and motivating.  So, how can you find this person? Take a look at these suggestions and see if they give you some ideas.

If you know the up line leader and they are recruiting you directly, then obviously you can tell whether they will be encouraging or not by their sales classes or parties they’ve directed for you. Are they encouraging
when they’re in direct contact with you and with your friends and family when you’ve hosted a party? Or are they somewhat negative or not so excited about their company? If you do not know them, ask your recruiter
what their up line leader is like. If the person recruiting you is motivated and encouraged, then chances are you will be uplifted by them as well.

Is your potential up line leader successful? Do they set goals and consistently reach them. Do they help others on the team reach their goals? Do they motivate and inspire others to set and reach goals? Talk to
other team members to see what they think about your potential leader.  If their team enjoys working with them chances are you will, too.  If they have a decent sized team that’s a good indication they’re doing something right.

Does your up line leader host sales and training meetings each month – on a consistent schedule? If the meetings are hit or miss, not on the same day each week or held at the same time, then you may want to find a different up line leader. Consistency is important in leadership because others are relying on the leader and the leader sets the atmosphere or tempo for the rest of the team. It also helps you plan your calendar in advance.

If you are not being recruited locally but online by someone you don’t know then make sure that you find a good local or online support system to help you succeed.  Associate only with those that are positive and
successful, setting goals and reaching them and encouraging others to do the same. There can be waves of excellent times and low times in any direct sales business, so be sure your up line is capable of sticking with it and helping their team members through the low times.

When you have a good leader your chance of success increases. Then when you’re ready to recruit your first team member, you will in turn be a good leader as well.

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