Master Bathroom Organization Ideas

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Bathroom photo credit: Peter Hellberg

Space is at a premium in the master bathroom.  Women tend to take up a majority of the space with makeup and hair care products, but men are catching up, with all the new products being introduced for them.

The best thing to start with is throwing away any old makeup that is beyond its “safe to use” date.  If you’re not sure, throw it away.  Then sort what’s left based on your favorite items.  If you have duplicates of certain things, like a favorite shade of lipstick, only keep one of each in the bathroom. Store the rest in box, out of the way.  Then, as you use up something, replace it.

The counter space can be a clutter magnet.  A nice set of decorative canisters or baskets can help neaten things up and are useful as well.  Clear canisters are nice, because they allow you to know when you are running low.

If you don’t already have them, hooks on the wall or the back of the door are great for hanging towels or robes. Hopefully the hooks will encourage others in your family to not leave them on the floor.  Keep only one set of towels and washcloths for him and her, and any spares can be stored in a nearby hall closet.

The medicine cabinet needs some attention as well.  Go through and look at all the expiration dates and throw away anything that is out of date.  Not only does this help reduce clutter, it prevents accidents.  Do you have bottles of pills that aren’t even labeled anymore? Throw them away.  Then replace the medicines you know you’ll need on a regular basis.

There are a few possibilities for storing shaving supplies.  Another decorative container or waterproof basket for the razors would work, as would a rack that hangs on the shower wall.

Cleaning supplies can be kept in a small basket or bucket under the sink, if there is room. You may also store them in a nearby closet, as long as it is childproof, if you have small children.  Keep everything you need, including sponges, paper towels and gloves.  This not only keeps things neater, but also saves time when you need to clean.

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